Faith Footwear

Faith Footwear

Company description

Faith Footwear (now merged with Arcadia Retail Group) was a medium-sized retail chain with 220 stores in the UK and Ireland, selling ladies fashion footwear.

Project summary

Dynamics AX 4.0 was implemented at the main distribution depot and at non-concession branches. Most stock was imported from the Far East (some premium ranges being made in the UK, Spain and Italy). This arrived in containers and was subject to quarantine and quality procedures before booking into the main warehouse at Park Royal. The project featured a WMSII warehousing solution, where goods inward data was used to generate automated put away based on ABC ratings with seasonal overrides after passing quality control checks. Stock locations were randomly allocated within ABC zones, where fast movers were located nearer to outbound docks. Back-order items were split into cross-dock and A zone put away batches. Two main types of pick were generated – initial loading of seasonal shop stock plus replenishment.

Stock was recalled for redistribution and there was also a back-order/web-order dispatch line for personal customers. Stock picks were generated for entered orders and store replenishment and initial stock loads. The main packing unit was a standardised carton, which had a bar-coded/addressed ‘licence plate’ sticker attached, used to switch the Siemens conveyor system to the required pick bays and outbound dock for loading onto transports. A pick to light system was employed for accessory and consumable picking. The software was adapted to use RFID tags (in each stock item) to help manage mis-picks or mis-direction of dispatches.

Project tasks undertaken

  • Process analysis and redesign
  • Warehouse design
  • Data migration transform and import
  • Gap analysis
  • Functional requirements documents
  • Software development
  • Code package testing
  • User training and acceptance testing
  • Go-live hand-holding

Other project features

  • POS integration
  • Web ordering
  • Retail forecasting and distribution
  • Fashion-led master planning
  • WMSII warehouse handling integration
  • Pick to light
  • Pack weight verification
  • RFID pick and dispatch verification
  • Design change control
  • Input batch control
  • Quality policy batch sample testing
  • Supplier quality management
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