Company description

PEPCO, the clothing and houseware retail chain, opened its first shop in 2004 in Poland. There are now more than 1700 stores across 11 European countries, employing more than 16 000 people. Key to Pepco’s vision of becoming the best known discount brand for clothing and houseware in Europe is development of their supply chain and supporting infrastructure.

Project summary

PEPCO needed to reduce the size of their Dynamics AX database to ensure business continuity. The standard deletion process, using the Data Migration Framework (DMF), was not effective on the large PEPCO database.

ANEGIS developed scripts to delete historical inventory and inventory transactions and any associated records. ANEGIS also had to modify standard financial reports to cope with the large amount of data.

Once successfully tested, the scripts were then optimised to perform the process within a narrow maintenance window.

The deletion process was successful at reclaiming more than a third of the database space while maintaining the integrity of the database and AX functionality.

Project tasks undertaken

  • Analyse which data can be deleted without compromising AX system integrity
  • Develop deletion scripts
  • Test scripts on 1000 sample records
  • Test deletion on copy of production database
  • Verify impact on financial reporting
  • Optimise scripts to run in maintenance window

Other project features

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