10 new features coming in 2018 for D365 F&O

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Microsoft continues to develop and update its flagship ERP solution, Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, with additional features and functionality. Here are 10 new features currently in development which we should see released in updates this year.

1. Inventory counting reason codes

Reason codes will be implemented in counting journals for Warehouse and on mobile devices, including: post counting journals (standard Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations functionality), cycle count, spot count, threshold count, adjustment in, and adjustment out.

2. External project management integration

Additional templates will be available to sync Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations with Project Service Automation (PSA) via the Common Data Service (CDS). This will connect the project management and resource management activities in PSA with the project accounting in Finance and Operations, including the syncing of: projects, contracts, contract lines, contract line milestones, actuals, estimates/forecasts, tasks, expense categories, expense reports, billing, and purchase orders.

3. Move single boxes from pallet to pallet

A worker will be able to select and move items between pallets in the staging area, ensuring optimal transport with balanced pallets, and to satisfy customer requirements regarding height of the pallets. The worker will be able to scan several items to be moved using bar codes or entries, and then scan and confirm the license plates that items should be moved to. The loading of work will be updated accordingly.

4. Multiple bin relations

In cluster picking scenarios, where one of the assigned bins in a cluster is full and workers are unable to put more items, the worker will be able to assign new bins to the same work order and continue the cluster picking flow. One work order can end with more than one bin relation after the picking route is completed.

5. Split load handling

Single load or multiple loads will be able to be loaded fully or partially on trucks or other transportation capacity. It will no longer be necessary to wait for the transport trucks or other capacity to arrive in order to create the planning load. It will support operations both with and without appointment scheduling. Multiple employees will be able to load the same truck simultaneously from the same load.

6. Prepare materials for production and batch orders

A new list, Materials, will be added in the Jobs and people section on the Production floor management workspace. The list will enable Shop Floor supervisors to prepare materials for specific production orders to be applied for a coming period, such as the next shift.

7. Retail layout designer

Improvements are coming to the layout design tools to configure POS button grids, screen layouts, and printed/email receipt templates. Users will be able to easily switch from editing one layout to another without having to save, close, and relaunch the designer. It will be easier to create or modify multiple layouts, as well as quickly view existing designs.

8. On-premises data integration  

On-premises deployments will be able to import and export data in data management with integration APIs. It will be possible to integrate external applications with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, with the ability to import and export data using data entities.  

9. Vendor collaboration

Additional capabilities will be added to meet requirements for public sector, such as sealed bidding and entities for exporting bid results on closed RFQ’s. More robust state management will be added with regards to customer/vendor editing, in addition to enriched versioning of bids.

10. Outbound shipment confirmation

During an outbound shipment confirmation, work exception handling will either allow or block the process of shipping less quantities than originally requested. Based on setup, the accepted under-delivery can automatically be decremented from the shipment.

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