Industry overview

Manufacturing companies are increasingly required to adapt to rapid changes in their business environment in order to succeed – whether it is managing fluctuations in their supply chain, measuring vendor performance, handling new customer demands or reducing the time to market.

Whether your operation's unique needs call for on-premises manufacturing software or a cloud-based manufacturing system, ANEGIS can implement manufacturing business solutions that integrate previously isolated processes.

Manufacturing information systems get the most from your data with class-leading, embedded business intelligence and predictive analytics that deliver your business a competitive advantage.

With Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing, your business can…

  • Manage inventory with a flexible multi-site warehousing system with integrated bar code scanners
  • Create purchase and production orders dynamically, driven by sales orders and forecasts
  • Streamline the process of creating regulatory documents and safety data sheets and maintaining and updating compliance documents
  • Integrate finance with operations, for accurate costing and real-time reporting
  • Use data from the entire supply chain to respond effectively to changes and problems

Optimise resources

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing enterprise-class financial tools and comprehensive and flexible reporting mechanisms provide granular visibility and control across your entire business. Integrated Power BI, Azure Machine Learning and Cognitive Services, and other powerful tools allow decision makers to monitor, anticipate and react quickly to changing market and client needs.

Future proof

The march of technology waits for no one, and getting left behind leaves you at the mercy of the competition. Microsoft’s unrivalled investment in R&D puts you at the forefront of technology, now and tomorrow.

The Microsoft Dynamics unit has a dedicated team charged with building out the roadmap and industry specific functionality for manufacturers, looking 5 to 10 years into the future to identify major market trends that will affect this industry and ways to help customers address them. With Microsoft’s resources and commitment, have absolute certainty that your business systems can grow with you, painlessly and efficiently.

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