Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

Product overview

Delivering personalised services and tailored experiences to customers is a priority for sales strategies. Why? Because focusing on the customer and personalising the message translate into customer engagement and trust of the company and its products or services. 91% of consumers surveyed by Accenture said they were more likely to reach out to brands that offered products and recommendations which were relevant to them. Understanding a customer's needs and putting that knowledge into action increases conversions and revenue and lowers the cost of acquiring a customer.

Dynamics 365 Commerce overview

Dynamics 365 Commerce – an evolution of Dynamics 365 for Retail – is a complete sales platform that combines in-store, online sales, multi-channel customer service, back office and inventory management in a unified, user-friendly and AI-enabled environment. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce is a business solution for retail companies that need tools to deepen customer relationships, streamline business processes, and make their products and services more competitive.

With D365 Commerce, you can:

  • Simplify and unify purchases across channels
  • Connect digital, desktop, office and customer service operations on a multi-channel sales platform
  • Personalise your customers' shopping experience
  • Gain a full customer profile, and products and services recommendations, provided by artificial intelligence algorithms
  • Expand the choice of products and services
  • Provide a full catalogue of products in the in-store and online shop that is always available to any customer and on any device
  • Create and manage promotions and discounts for your customers
  • Run promotions and categorise them by shop, product or customer engagement with the help of data available here and now
  • Provide customers with an engaging experience and build trust towards the brand thanks to sales strategies based on personalised messages

ANEGIS will tailor D365 Commerce to your needs and technical background. You will gain a tool to get to know your customers and what they need, build a modern online shop, accelerate online and in-store operations, ensure a consistent buying process and increase customer satisfaction with your products and services.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce capabilities

Engaging customers across channels

  • The omnichannel commerce platform brings together online operations and traditional sales, providing a seamless and unified retail service.
  • A consistent and seamless experience across offline and online channels, on any device, empowers customers to decide when, where and how they want to buy.
  • With connected ordering and delivery tools, customers can choose according to their preferences whether they want to buy a product online with home delivery or in-store pickup.
  • Based on always up-to-date multi-channel sales and cost data, employees can create and manage promotions and affiliate programmes across all sales channels, organising them by shop, catalogue, or customer affiliation.

Building relationships and loyalty

  • Tailored product offerings and activities focused on exceeding standard customer expectations build personalised experiences across all sales channels.
  • Customers are offered a broader range of choices thanks to access to the full product catalogue in both the in-store and online channel, regardless of the product inventory amount and location.
  • The 360° customer profile available in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce through integration with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights combines behavioural, demographic, and transactional data for insightful analysis and more personalised actions.
  • Recommendations, insights into customer profiles and AI-powered loyalty programmes help employees maintain engaging customer relationships.

Creating and operating a digital retail environment

  • Create aesthetically pleasing, functional and intelligent virtual shops with the help of the modern website builder and management tools.
  • Personalised online shopping experiences, driven by content-based strategies, can attract customers more effectively and bind them to the brand.
  • A combined marketing and sales platform allows you to manage multiple channels through a single app – providing information on stock, promotions, inventory and prices.
  • Intelligent, contextual product search helps customers find what they are interested in more easily – both in local stores and online shop.
  • Ratings and reviews, moderated by artificial intelligence algorithms, improve the product recommendation system, accelerate customer purchase decisions, and increase conversion.

Optimising sales processes

  • Recommendations of the right products at the optimal price and at the right time, based on analysis by artificial intelligence, increase profits.
  • Centralising product control by tracking information about products, categories, shop assortments and price lists gives you an in-depth view of inventory.
  • Make informed, profitable decisions with the help of advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms.
  • The history of purchases, sales, ratings, and customer returns available in the app provides the basis for making accurate demand forecasts.
  • Identifying the right time to replenish inventory will help you get better prices from suppliers and improve sourcing of new products.

Flexible and secure solutions

  • Flexible on-premises, cloud or edge deployment options meet business needs in any location.
  • The configurable and scalable platform can be easily adapted to your business needs.
  • The platform's API-based sales engine supports traditional, new, and emerging channels, offering a unified experience across all channels.
  • The platform's compliance with data protection requirements ensures data security.

Selected functions

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce
"Based on our cooperation, we confirm the experience, professionalism and realibility of ANEGIS employees. We recommend this vendor as a reliable business partner."
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"Not only is the product great but the Talkdesk team has the capability to adapt to each customer, understand the business and think of ways for improvement. That was the most important thing for me."
Ludovic Magnier
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"We were looking for a solution that is reliable and flexible, that we could implement anywhere, anytime without any big changes in our infrastructure."
Wijnanda Benneker
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"Doctors and nurses are soldiers on the front line, so care continuity is critical. But we could not compromise the health of our own employees either. We didn’t think WFH for our contact center agents was possible, but we knew we had to do it."
Elias Farah
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"We looked at five different contact center companies and explored every one in depth. No one but Talkdesk had exactly what we needed in a Salesforce integration. The biggest advantage of Talkdesk is that the integration was already in place and ready to go."
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