Polish Localisation Pack

Polish Localisation Pack

Solution overview

Businesses entering new markets run a higher risk of failure to comply with local regulations. The Polish Localisation Pack for Dynamics 365 provides the processes and workflows necessary to meet local legal and tax requirements.

Polish Localisation Pack module overview

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Polish Localisation Pack features

Import of counterparty data from the Central Statistical Office (CSO) of Poland repository.

Create supplier and recipient records and verify based on the CSO API.

Enable the import of counterparty name and address from the CSO repository based on the taxpayer identification number (NIP).

Downloading and/or verification of data from the CSO is requested by the user, the result saved to the system.

Change VAT register date on a tax transaction.

Change the date on the VAT register for a posted document.

Automatic loading of exchange rates provided by the National Bank of Poland.

Import exchange rates provided by the National Bank of Poland, initiated manually or scheduled for a particular day or date range, and saved in the currency list in the system.

Fixed assets operations report.

Show operations on fixed assets in the selected period, grouped by operation type and fixed asset category. The report makes it possible to reconcile the amounts of individual types of operations with the turnover and balances of the general ledger accounts associated with the given fixed assets.

Report details:

  • Group of fixed assets
  • Fixed asset number
  • Fixed asset name
  • Initial value
  • Initial value (opening balance) write-off
  • Fixed asset acquisition – purchase value in the reporting period
  • Increase of initial value in the reporting period
  • Decrease of initial value in the reporting period
  • Depreciation in the reporting period
  • Increase in depreciation in the reporting period
  • Decrease in depreciation in the reporting period
  • Value of liquidation in the reporting period
  • Write-off liquidation in the reporting period
  • Net value
  • Balance
  • Depreciation balance
  • Verification of VAT taxpayer status.

Verify on request and/or cyclically the status of the VAT payer in the Ministry of Finance directory and in VIES.

The verification mechanism is based on Ministry of Finance and VIES APIs and includes:

  1. Checking the counterparty on the basis of taxpayer identification number (NIP), initiated by user request for the recipient and supplier files.
  2. Verification of the counterparty when entering an invoice, initiated for documents entered through:
  • Financial sheet
  • Invoice Sheet
  • Purchase order
  • Supplier invoice
  • Free text invoice
  • Sales Invoice
  • Project invoice

Feedback from the Ministry API is saved in the system in the form of a file and a report and includes the date of verification and a list of taxpayers who are inactive.

Polish Localisation Pack checking VAT number
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Polish Localisation Pack data from GUS
Setting parameters for downloading data from GUS
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