Industry overview

Today’s retail customers shop and research products very differently from before. Customers move from social networks, to online stores, to in-store experiences, and they expect a seamless, integrated, and consistent engagement. For retailers to stay relevant and compete it’s not sufficient to simply digitise paper-based processes and patch together disparate digital and physical solutions. Retailers will need to re-imagine their customer experiences and business processes from the ground up.

ANEGIS provides retail business solutions including powerful sales, reporting and management tools custom-designed for retailers. Advanced analytics and business intelligence allow you to make the most of your customer data and take advantage of segmentation strategies to communicate with customers in a highly personal way.

Whatever your particular area of retail – food, fashion or FMCG – Microsoft retail software makes it possible to align strategic priorities, deliver differentiated customer services and streamline management for stores across locations and countries.

With Dynamics 365 for Retail, your business can…

  • Leverage partner-built, industry-leading e-commerce platforms deeply integrated with Dynamics 365
  • Manage all channels and channel types including both physical and e-commerce stores, retail experience app, and call centres
  • Enable store managers to view and manage planned workforce schedules, ensuring adequate staffing
  • Use pre-defined tax calculation framework, or plug-in partner-built tax calculation solutions

Optimise resources

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail enterprise-class financial tools and comprehensive and flexible reporting mechanisms provide granular visibility and control across your entire business. Integrated Power BI, Azure Machine Learning and Cognitive Services, and other powerful tools allow decision makers to monitor, anticipate and react quickly to changing market and client needs.

Future proof

The march of technology waits for no one, and getting left behind leaves you at the mercy of the competition. Microsoft’s unrivalled investment in R&D puts you at the forefront of technology, now and tomorrow. With Microsoft’s resources and commitment, have absolute certainty that your business systems can grow with you, painlessly and efficiently.

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