Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Product overview

Every organisation that operates on the basis of good customer relations needs information about the needs and expectations of these clients. Such data is crucial to take the best actions that will fulfil these expectations. Properly targeted campaigns and personalised service engage customers and build trusted relationships between the customer and the company. The data collected and processed by Dynamics 365 Customer Insights provides your employees the insight into customer behaviour, intentions and needs that enables the delivery of the personally tailored solutions your customers expect.

Customer Insights overview

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is an intuitive and flexible Customer Data Platform (CDP) that enables the unification and holistic analysis of customer information. Customer data, from multiple sources, is usually collected by different systems and devices working independently of each other, and is not fully processed. Customer Insights gathers customer data from all available sources and, thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning technology, analyses different types of information and, on the basis of the analyses, recommends optimal actions aimed at creating engaging customer relationships.

Customer Insights connects data

  • Behavioural – generated in customer interactions using online tools. This is information, for example, about the pages you visit, the applications you download, or your favourite games.
  • Demographic – concerning social and economic aspects such as age, gender, population, income, education or employment.
  • Transactional – documenting exchanges, contracts, transfers between organisations and/or individuals, i.e. purchases, returns, payments, bookings or subscriptions.

With this information you will understand who your customers are, what they do and what they need. The combined and unified data analysed is the basis for improving customer interactions and building lasting relationships.

With Customer Insights you can

  • Build records from multiple data sourcesand prioritise them
  • Build a client profile based onbehavioural, demographic and transactional data
  • Map, merge and unify data into oneconsistent profile
  • Define metrics and performance indicators
  • Expand data to information from publicsources
  • Create static and dynamic segments
  • Combine, exclude and merge segments
  • Use machine learning algorithms to builddynamic segments based on different types of data
  • Define activities and actions withconversion effect
  • Create action histories and filter themaccording to defined parameters
  • Build predictive models for sales,marketing and customer service
  • Create recommendations for actions andproducts based on the results of machine learning processes
  • Integrate profile and segment data withexternal systems and applications

ANEGIS will adapt Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to your systems. With an extensive CDP platform, based on Azure technologies, enhanced by artificial intelligence capabilities, you will be able to streamline and automate both your work and information flow, increase your team's productivity and reach your customers with solutions that suit their preferences and needs.

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights capabilities

A full picture of the customer

  • All data collected from customer interactions can be placed on a single platform. Transactional, behavioural or downloaded data from popular sources are connected by ready-made connectors.
  • Customer data can be intelligently transformed, unified and standardised to be compatible with the Microsoft Common Data Model.
  • Customer profiles are richer and more complete by taking advantage of the capabilities of Microsoft Graph.

Unlock insights into data and activities

  • With Dynamics 365 Customer Insights you can discover and create high value segments to strengthen your business processes and deliver customer focused messages and content.
  • Configurable indicators and KPIs allow for deeper and more accurate insight.
  • Predicting customer intentions is possible by using artificial intelligence and custom machine learning algorithms.

Adapt and expand capabilities

  • Personalised customer engagement can be actioned directly from business applications such as Dynamics 365 for Sales, Customer Service or Marketing or any other application that uses the API.
  • A customised connection to Microsoft Power BI helps you customise visualisations and reports that allow you to make informed decisions.
  • Customer Insights is connected to PowerApps, so you can create special business solutions using the customer data collected in the application.
  • Customer-oriented experiences and processes become automated – use Microsoft Flow to configure actions in response to customer actions and signals.

An efficient and secure platform

  • Intuitive and easy to use, the SaaS application – embedded on the Azure cloud platform – enables you to optimise your work schedule and tasks.
  • The application meets the requirements for privacy and data protection and GDPR compliance, so you can be sure that your data security is not compromised.
  • The expert knowledge and extensive experience of Microsoft in the fields of artificial intelligence, cloud solutions and data security.

Selected functions

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights
"Based on our cooperation, we confirm the experience, professionalism and realibility of ANEGIS employees. We recommend this vendor as a reliable business partner."
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"Not only is the product great but the Talkdesk team has the capability to adapt to each customer, understand the business and think of ways for improvement. That was the most important thing for me."
Ludovic Magnier
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"We were looking for a solution that is reliable and flexible, that we could implement anywhere, anytime without any big changes in our infrastructure."
Wijnanda Benneker
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"Doctors and nurses are soldiers on the front line, so care continuity is critical. But we could not compromise the health of our own employees either. We didn’t think WFH for our contact center agents was possible, but we knew we had to do it."
Elias Farah
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"We looked at five different contact center companies and explored every one in depth. No one but Talkdesk had exactly what we needed in a Salesforce integration. The biggest advantage of Talkdesk is that the integration was already in place and ready to go."
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