Solution overview

An ERP system serves as the hub for managing company data. Creating separate solutions to transform data from various sources and feed them into the system is a time-consuming and costly process.

OPAA module for data import to Microsoft Dynamics 365

The OPAA solution (On-premises ANEGIS App) gathers data from external sources based on various technologies and processing methods, then extracts them into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system.

This application enriches the ERP system with data that exists outside the system environment but is necessary for the complete execution of the company's business processes.

The OPAA module is an easy-to-configure and intuitive solution for retrieving data from various repositories, such as network locations, web services, FTP/SFTP/FTPS, SQL, and ESB, transmitting them from the client's infrastructure to the cloud, and validating them within the Dynamics 365 system.

Companies no longer need to build separate system connections and create importing functionalities. The module is designed for efficient transmission of large volumes of data, simplifying the integration and collection process.

Dynamics 365 gains access to real-time data, reducing delays in data transfer processes, lowering data costs, transformation costs, while the company gains organized information and deep insight into its processes.

Automated or on-demand launch options:

  • Via Windows Task Scheduler
  • Through the console
  • Via .exe file

Data import from various sources:

  • Network location
  • SQL
  • ESB

Full control over data import:

  • Import status
  • Error logging
  • Data transformation

OPAA ensures data transmission security and management by:

  • Confirming the correctness of data set transmission between the source system and Dynamics 365 (SQL/ESB)
  • Confirming the processing of transmitted data in Dynamics 365
  • Indicating any transmission or processing errors and for which data (error messages)
  • Transmitting error codes, which can be set to trigger functionality in the source system, without the re-transmission of selected data by the source system
  • Setting the size of data packets sent (e.g., number of invoices transmitted at once)
  • Setting the level of integrity for complex data (e.g., for a header to be processed correctly, all document items must pass to confirm data processing correctness)
  • Setting whether a data set must pass as a whole or only selected documents to acknowledge that data transmission or processing has been done correctly (especially useful for transmitting a large amount of data, where only one or a few are incorrect)
  • No interference with transmitted/processed data
  • Technical optimization of transmitted data (data packing to .zip before transmission)

Thanks to the modularity of the solution, it's possible to connect to database, file, or data bus sources. The module can be tailored to specific project needs.

If you are interested in a presentation and implementation of the module, please feel free to contact us.

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