5 reasons why AX is the ERP solution for forward-thinking business leaders

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1. Easy to learn and use

Microsoft Dynamics AX deploys quickly and starts delivering results right away. It is easier and more intuitive to learn and use as most of its end-users are familiar with the interface which resembles other popular Microsoft products. Dynamics AXusers need less training and achieve significantly higher levels of software functionality than users of competing systems, reporting 75 percent greater functionality than Oracle and 25 percent more than SAP.

Maximum utilisation of functionality is boosted by Microsoft’s ‘win fast’ approach to implementation which encourages rapid adoption of basic functionality so your users know the system before additional capabilities are opened up. Independent research shows that Microsoft users have the lowest operational disruption to business processes at go-live. On average, Oracle implementations suffered 50 percent longer disruption and SAP implementations 100 percent longer.

2. Simple to adapt and customise

Dynamics AX customers require significantly less customisation to their ERP implementations than SAP or Oracle. With prebuilt industry-specific capabilities for manufacturing, distribution, services, public sector, retail and other key sectors, Microsoft Dynamics gives you greater out-of-the-box functionality and versatility.

But when customisation is required, such as the need to track a key performance indicator that isn’t part of the standard implementation, then the flexible Dynamics AX architecture makes it easy.

3. Seamless experience that works on-premises or in the cloud

Deployment models can easily be adjusted to meet your changing business demands: on-premises or in the cloud. Microsoft Dynamics AX leverages the power of the cloud to allow you to work anytime, anywhere, across all your devices. You benefit from the same seamless experience and enterprise-grade security to protect your business and customers regardless of how you access and use your systems.

With cloud technology, businesses can analyse far more data than before, delivering insights that can dramatically improve decision making.

4. Fast time to value and low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

With Microsoft Dynamics AX you have the ability to deploy solutions incrementally, according to your budget and business objectives.

A combination of key factors lower the TCO: eliminating systems licenses and maintenance, reducing IT team size and increasing business user productivity. Research shows the average payback to be 21 months with a return on investment (ROI) of 92%. All Microsoft Dynamics AX functionality is included in one license. In alignment with the RoleTailored design, the simplified Business Value Licensing model ensures that you buy the exact number of licenses you need—no more, no less—with options to easily add more licenses as your business grows.

5. Commitment to research, development and innovation

Microsoft is committed to providing continued long-term support and a clear upgrade path to future technologies. The global ecosystem of specialised partners, spanning more than 40 countries, provides tailored solutions and ensures a constant and agile evolution of industry-specific expertise to meet the exclusive needs of your organisation.


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