5 key retail tools in D365 F&O

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The new Dynamics AX 7 for Retail is packed full of functionality.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 is focused on meeting the challenges of a retail environment that is constantly evolving. Customers have more information at their fingertips than ever before. Whether browsing online, interacting through social networks or shopping in-store, customers demand a seamless and consistent experience. The new Dynamics AX 7 arms employees with the tools they need to deliver superior customer service. Here are five key features of Dynamics AX 7:

1. Order management and payment processing

POS-based order support tools allow on-the-spot creation of orders and quotes. Total visibility of business processes facilitates price and inventory checks, management of inventory reservations, and the acceptance, fulfilment and tracking of standard and special orders.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 supports all credit and debit card features of Dynamics AX for Retail 2012 and has added new capabilities. It supports plug-and-play and semi-integrated cross-channel payment processing by using the payment SDK.

2. Social integration

Dynamics AX 7 facilitates an integrated, omni-channel customer experience. With Azure machine learning capability, the new Dynamics AX 7 intelligent predictive technology allows you to take full advantage of customers’ social interactions.

Enhanced social insights enable better targeting of promotions and discounts. Trends that impact your brand can be detected and piggybacked.

3. Modern Point of Sales (MPOS)

Dynamics AX 7 introduces a cloud-based POS that is optimised for mobile and tablet. Instant access to customer intelligence allows sales assistants to make more informed recommendations and guide customers in their purchasing decisions.

MPOS consolidates all customer data, including sales history, wish lists, purchase patterns and preferences. It manages transactions, gift and loyalty processing, as well as inventory receipt, reporting and stock counts.

4. Retails workspaces

The new Workspace feature centralises all the tasks, actions, data and people needed for specific roles. Dynamics AX 7 comes with built-in retail Workspaces, such as the Category and product management workspace. This has the functionality of assortment management, assortment life cycle and tracking.

Other Workspaces include the Prices and discounts workspace, the Channel deployment workspace, and the Channel operations workspace.

5. Catalogue management

Catalogue management in the new Dynamics AX 7 brings numerous new tools and enhancements. Specific catalogue pricing, related call scripts and linking to multiple targeted mailing lists are all centrally and easily managed.

A catalogue manager can tie specific key codes or source codes to a catalogue which can be linked to the sale order in entry, providing insight into promotional response rates. The new productivity enhancing Workspace for catalogues brings together in one place all tasks and processes related to active catalogues and facilitates easy catalogue life cycle tracking.

These are just a fraction of the rich tools and features offered in the new Dynamics AX 7. The latest generation of Microsoft’s flagship enterprise resource planning solution enables you to place all your retail processes on a single, unified platform. It provides a real-time view across your entire organisation. With Power BI now integrated as the native business intelligence, more than 30 back-office reports and 10 channel-side reports deliver clear, actionable information to the right people at the right time. The new role-tailored Workspaces drive productivity, and the browser-based client offers a familiar interface that is easy to learn and operate.

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