Additional empty page on SSRS reports in AX 2012

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The problem with blank pages occurs when you try to print the report or save it in the pdf file.

When you print the report to the screen it looks like it supposed to.  Additional page can be added at the end of the report or between the pages. How to solve this problem?

Step 1

1) Go to REPORT properties, and find Page setup:

Make note of the values for: PAGE WIDTH, LEFT MARGIN, RIGHT MARGIN

2) Go back to the design surface. In the Properties for BODY check the value of the WIDTH

Make sure that the Body size have the correct width.


To make this report working properly you should reorganize it. You should decrease the body width size or if it is impossible to do you should change the margins size.

Step 2

Those empty pages can be also shown when the printer is not specified correctly in report print setting. For example European A4 format (8.3 x 11.7 inches) and US Letter (8.5x11 inches) have different dimensions. You have to correct it to make your reports working.

Step 3

Set the property of textbox called “CanGrow” to False for not allowing the section to grow vertically:

Step 4

Try to minimizing the white spaces at the end of the Report:

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