Choosing a new ERP system entails a significant investment of time and resources. Excellence in the following three areas have convinced businesses to choose Dynamics over Sage.

The top three areas Microsoft Dynamics AX excels over Sage.

1. Microsoft Dynamics scales with your organisation

Scaling your business management system to match future requirements is easy and cost-effective with Microsoft Dynamics, with benchmarked performance up to 2,250 users. With Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, Microsoft Dynamics can offer enterprise-level reporting and high levels of versatility throughout the decision-making process.

2. Microsoft Dynamics seamlessly integrates financial processes with other business operations

Microsoft Dynamics integrates effortlessly with your existing Microsoft software, making it powerfully intuitive, and easy to learn and use. Moreover, it is built on a standardised architecture that can seamlessly integrate with ISV-developed vertical solutions.

3. Microsoft is committed to improving and supporting our solutions today and tomorrow

Microsoft continues to invest substantially in business management solutions, publishing a statement of direction for all our applications, and providing support for ten years (five years Mainstream Support and five years Extended Support). With the assurance your system will be supported far into the future the purchasing decision can be made with confidence.

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