Create standard class methods for AX 2012

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In Dynamics AX is very often needed to create standard class methods like construct, main, parm methods etc. In this post I'll show you how to create them the fastest way using Dynamics AX built-in functionality.

So let get started, first create new class in AOT and rename it:

Then double click on the class to open the code editor and click on button ‘New’ to create new method:

Now select all in the newly create method (use ‘Ctrl+A’ key combination) and type construct, then hit the ‘Tab’ key and the magic happens, the construct method was created:

Now we’ll create a main method the same way, just create new method, select all and type ‘main’:

Press ‘Tab’ and the main method gets created:

The only thing you need to add now is creating instance out of class and running some method from the instance. For creating the instance we can use the construct method created before also in automatic way:

So now comes the best part, creating parm methods automatically. Create new method, select all and type ‘parm’, then press tab. A new form will pop-up to declare variable  and type for the parm method:

Just have in mind that you should declare the variable in the class declaration as well:

And that's it, you can create basic methods that you need in most of the classes in matter of seconds.

Happy DAXing.

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