D365 services now available from United Kingdom datacentres

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 has been accessible via Microsoft’s global cloud infrastructure, Azure, since its release last November. From today, Dynamics 365 is available from UK data centres, ensuring local data residency and meeting local compliance and policy requirements.‍

Microsoft is the first global cloud provider to offer a complete cloud from data centres in the UK.

Since Microsoft’s cloud regions were opened in the UK in September last year, thousands of customers, including the Ministry of Defence, the Met Police and parts of the NHS have signed up. The centres form part of the world’s largest cloud infrastructure, supported by more than 100 data centres globally. These hold more than 120 trillion storage objects in Azure and are backed by billions of dollars in investment.

“Since the launch of Dynamics 365, we have enabled thousands of organisations to digitally transform, moving from rigid and disconnected business infrastructures to modern, intelligent services that connect silos of data to help make better, faster decisions and deliver greater customer experiences,”

said Chris Rothwell, Dynamics Lead at Microsoft UK.

“The introduction of Dynamics 365 to our UK data centres will greatly assist our customers in meeting the unique data and regulatory needs of the UK market, including the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation legislation.”

ANEGIS Consulting are based in the UK and can now offer Dynamics 365 solutions hosted in UK datacentres.

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