D365 F&O – 15 UI tips and tricks

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Dynamics 365 for Operations (formerly Dynamics AX) has a fresh and intuitive user interface that can be customised to fit your needs. Here are 15 simple but useful tips to help you make the most of your Dynamics 365 user experience.

1. Add custom dashboard banner

Organisation administration > Organisations > Legal entities > Dashboard image:

  • Click Edit
  • Choose Dashboard company image type
  • Select Banner
  • Click Change
  • Browse for file
add custom dashboard banner

The optimal resolution for a banner image is 1920 x 281 pixels.

The optimal width for a logo image is 350 pixels.

2. Personalise default dashboard

  • Right-click on any Workspace
  • Click Personalise
  • Click Personalise this form
  • Use Personalisation bar to drag and drop or hide Workspaces

3. Pin tile to default dashboard

  • Open desired Workspace
  • Right-click on a tile
  • Select Pin to dashboard

4. Pin list, project, etc. to default dashboard

Filter list as necessary or open a project. Select OPTIONS > Add to workspace. Click Configure. Enter name for tile. Deselect count on tile if not necessary. Return to Workspace and refresh.

Pin tile to default dashboard as in Tip 3.

5. Pin NavPane and ActionPane

ActionPane pin.

NavPane pin.

6. Save favourites for quick access

Click star to save as favourite.

7. Default dashboard options: Essentials dashboard

  • Click main settings icon
  • Click Options
  • Click Preferences
  • Select Initial page > Essentials dashboard

8. Personalisation bar – Manage function

  • Choose OPTIONS > Personalise this form
  • Click Manage
  • Export all your personalisations into an XML file or Import a file
  • Clear and refresh will reset Workspace to default state, apart from grids

9. Mouse over links for pop-up info boxes

Throughout the UI there are helpful pop-up info boxes available by hovering the cursor over links.

10. Personalise grids

  • Choose OPTIONS > Personalise this form
  • Select Move or Hide function
  • Click on column header to hide column
  • Click on Add function
  • Click on any column header (or filter) to bring up list of fields (or filters) to add

11. Peek behind a dialogue/slider

Click and hold outside the slider to see behind.

12. Work in several windows at the same time

To work in more than one window simultaneously, use the window pop-out icon. The original page will reload the previous page.

13. Use the Action search bar

For quick access to Actions, use the Action search bar (hot key: Alt Q or Ctrl '). Start typing the name of the desired Action and select in list.

14. Fast Tabs

Data in Fast Tabs is not loaded until the tabs are expanded. If not used often, leave in collapsed state as it may improve performance.

15. Fact Boxes

Data in Fact Boxes is not loaded until the sections are expanded. If not used often, leave in collapsed state as it may improve performance.

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