Do not fear the updates, embrace the updates

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Companies often take the time and effort to deploy a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics AX, yet avoid the occasional updates.

Microsoft is one of the leaders in enterprise software and one of the biggest research and development spenders. Over 1,000 of their talented employees hold doctorates and countless other creative developers lend their innovative insights to improving upon the technology. Businesses using Microsoft solutions, particularly Microsoft Dynamics AX, benefit from this depth of expertise through the improvements that are made and rolled-out in the form of an update. Updates often include new features for industry functionality, to streamline or shorten common procedures, or otherwise improve the user experience. Making software better, easier, and/or faster is good for productivity and your bottom line, which you wouldn’t want to avoid.

In regard to Microsoft Dynamics AX, the most recent series of updates have included powerful enhancements and there could be more to come:

1. Cumulative update 9

Included new functionality for ACA reporting, POS updates for retail modules, as well as improved warehouse and transportation management capabilities.

2. Cumulative update 8

Improved FMLA and forecasting features in the human resources module, payroll enhancements, new procurement and sourcing functions, and enhancements for retail, Project Management and Accounting, Procurement and Sourcing, Public sector, retail, warehouse and transportation modules, and Production Control modules.

3. Cumulative update 7

Added advanced functionality within the accounting suite including payables and receivables, fixed asset management, budgeting, and managing the general ledger. Additional updates were made to the human resources module, inventory management, payroll, and several other areas.

The next release for Microsoft Dynamics AX, commonly referred to a Dynamics AX 7, is likely to impress users with even more features and functionality. As with the others, this is an update that you won't want to avoid.

Don't fear the updates, embrace them for all the improvements that they can offer. Contact Microsoft Dynamics Partner for guidance with updating your Microsoft Dynamics AX solution to take advantage of the powerful new features and functions that are, and will soon become, available.

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