How I became a programmer – Gregory Maciejewski talks about working in IT

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Solving programming problems has always given me a lot of fun – it's a bit like solving puzzles, and I like puzzles, reveals Gregory Maciejewski, a member of the ANEGIS team since July 2018. Today, as a programmer on one of the projects, he gains experience in the field of advanced ERP systems and working in a large project team. Here is his interview.

- Greg, what are you studying and what stage are you at?

- I graduated from the Faculty of Computer Science and Management at Wrocław University of Technology. Currently I am a post-graduate student at the same faculty, specialising in the design of information systems.

- Why did you choose this subject to study?

- Already, in high school, I was determined to use computer science – it is hard to say why this and not another field. I certainly took into account the labour market, which, as it is now, was developing rapidly, so I saw many potential development paths in it. Solving programming problems has always given me a lot of fun – getting a solution to a problem we have been thinking about for a long time in a group or alone gives me incomparable satisfaction. It's a bit like solving puzzles, and and I like puzzles.

- Which programming languages do you feel most comfortable with and what technologies do you associate with your future?

- Definitely my favourite programming language is C#, which I used during my studies for projects. I also feel good with the X++ language I use at work. Because of my interests and experience, I associate my future with Microsoft technologies.

- How did you find out about ANEGIS?

- I learned about the company from my brother, who worked there.

- And what interested you in the ANEGIS Academic Program that you decided to take part in it?

- I was interested in flexibility and the possibility to combine work with further studies. Also, the system I now work in was something completely new to me, so I thought it was a good opportunity to learn something new. It was also an encouraging opportunity to continue working together after the Academic Program, which lasted during the summer holidays.

- How do you recall the recruiting process for the program?

- Recruitment was divided into several stages. The first was an initial conversation at the company, after which we started a two-part training. The first part lasted 3 days and took place in the company's headquarters. The second part lasted 5 days of 8 hours each and took place in a training facility. At the end of each stage we were given a task to perform on our own. After passing through these stages, the three-month internship began. I recall the whole thing positively, although it required some sacrifices due to the fact that the training took place during the academic semester.

- How was the preparation for internship in the company?

- My preparations were to a large extent the above mentioned training courses. Besides these, during the Academic Program, we received from our mentors tasks similar to those we solved at the end of each training stage. The preparation period for the internship itself was not long – it lasted only one month. My mentor was Oleksandr Dudarenko, but you could always count on the help of all the other developers.

- What new did you learn during the program? What did you first come across in the context of programming after you started working for ANEGIS?

- First of all, the system – Microsoft Dynamics 365 – was something completely new to me. In the context of implementing modifications in this system, everything was new in its own way. Programming in Dynamics 365 usually consists of modifying the existing code, adding new functionalities to it with appropriate class extensions or objects. Sometimes it is very time-consuming, especially when we modify a module for the first time and look for the right place to implement your modification.

- If you were to encourage a student to participate in the Academic Program - what advantages would you draw to their attention?

- ERP systems are not very popular in college. An internship at ANEGIS allows you to familiarise yourself with this area and also gives you the opportunity to gain valuable experience, such as working in a team. Another advantage of the Academic Program is that you can learn everything from scratch and the whole learning process is supervised by an experienced programmer who supports you with his knowledge.

- What project are you currently working on and what are you responsible for?

- I am working on an implementation project for a retail company. My job is to implement modifications in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

- Does what you are working on in ANEGIS help you with your tasks and studies?

- Working as a programmer at ANEGIS certainly gives you more confidence in implementing your own IT solutions, even simple tasks in college, because during my work I am constantly polishing my programming skills and gaining project experience. My current studies are related to the design of IT systems and management of IT projects. Knowledge of Dynamics 365 builds awareness of the functioning of large systems, and working in a team with experienced people allows me to observe how a team should function.

- Why do you think it is worth working at ANEGIS?          

- At ANEGIS I can adjust my working hours to combine them with my studies. I have the opportunity to develop my skills in a very wide range. Everyone can count on an individual development path in the company.

- What else would you like to learn from the company?

- In the future I would like to learn how to manage IT projects, but first of all I would like to get to know the programming side well and develop my skills in this area.

- What activities do you spend your free time on? What are your hobbies?

- In my free time I do various things, such as go to the gym, play computer games (mainly RPG), listen to music, and read books. I also like to play board games and occasionally meet with friends to do that.

- Thank you, Gregory.

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