List panels with search option with AX 2012

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In previous article we created form with list panels allowing us to specify which of suppliers need to be marked as temporary vendors.

The number of suppliers most times is very big so this time we will add search functionality.

To start we need new group in our form with two new filter groups:

Query table
Control Filter panel
Control FilterTempVendors panel
Control FilterSuppliers panel

To each group, “FilterTempVendors” and “FilterSuppliers”, we will add “StringEdit” and “Button” control:

Query table
Control TempVendors panel
Control TempVendorsFilter panel
Control Suppliers panel
Control SuppliersFilter

Now override modified() method on both “StringEdit” controls:

modified() method.

And on both “Button” controls override method clicked():

clicked() method.

Method updateListPanel() was created previously and contains the fill() method from list panel.

Now our form contains search fields for each of the panels but for the filter functionality to work we need to add more code into each of methods responsible for filling the data, so suppliers() and temporaryVendors():

suppliers() method.
temporaryVenders() method.

Now our search functionality is in place. Final view of form new objects:

Tree-view of VendTableTempCreate().
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