The merger between ERP and the cloud: AX 7

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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions have evolved over the years to address changes in business functions, marketplace conditions, and customer demands.

We are about to witness another evolution in ERP that merges a powerful, innovative ERP system with cloud technology and this new best of breed solution is commonly known as Microsoft Dynamics AX 7.

What makes Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 particularly unique is that it was purposely built for the cloud and can be deployed in a public or private cloud, or on-premise if needed. Companies can’t deny the growing popularly of the internet, ecommerce, and mobility which is redefining relationships with prospects and customers. In addition, as younger employees enter the workforce, they are expecting the same level of mobility. Workers want to be able to use their mobile devices in the workplace just as they do when using mobile devices outside the workplace – for research, shopping, entertainment, and working from home. Although cloud-based solutions can be added to on-premise ERP systems, many traditional, on-premises solutions haven’t been able to adapt as quickly to changing business conditions due to inflexible data centers and complex integrations.

There are three fundamental aspects that truly sets Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 apart from other cloud ERP solutions: (1) it runs natively in Microsoft Azure, (2) supports hybrid deployment models, and (3) can be deployed on any device that runs a modern browser. This last offering makes Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 available to both Microsoft and non-Microsoft mobile and desktop devices which greatly extends its availability and use.

LifeCycle Services (LCS) has also evolved along with Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 and Azure. The application lifecycle management (ALM) services offer the unique ability to manage the entire lifecycle of Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 including its implementation, pilot phase, go-live, and post-implementation support. The LCS runs in Azure which provides the ability to test instances or new features with minimal IT distraction or disrupting the system in use.  

Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 takes cloud-computing to a whole new level which provides businesses with a new standard of speed, agility, mobility, and insight. We anticipate that Microsoft Dynamic AX 7 will be released this fall. In the meantime, contact ANEGIS to discuss how you can take advantage of the next generation of ERP with Microsoft Dynamics AX 7.

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