SSRS with SSAS – Message with no access to database in AX 2012

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When running report connected with SSAS users get message “Either the user, <user>, does not have access to the <database> database, or the database does not exist.”‍

There can be multiple reasons – try one by one of possible solutions:

Step 1

Check if in Analysis Server exists database with name <database>. If not then there are 2 options:

Option 1

Try to redeploy and reprocess the cube using database name <database>.

Option 2

Change connection string:

  • Open Microsoft Dynamics AX Management Shell.
  • iRun command Get-AXReportDataSource -DataSourceName DynamicsAXOLAP| format-list
  • Copy the string from “ConnectionString”, change value in property “Initial catalog=” to your correct database name <database> and run the command Set-AXReportDataSource -ConnectionString “<ConnectionString>” -DataSourceName DynamicsAXOLAP
  • Redeploy reports to SSRS.

Step 2

Check if SSRS and SSAS services users and BI user have correct permissions to <database> database in Analysis Server.

Step 3

Try to redeploy and reprocess the cube.

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