The strengths and weaknesses of AX 2012

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There are many enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions in today's marketplace and Microsoft Dynamics AX rates high amongst the most comprehensive systems.

This top-tier ERP solution offers built-in features and functions that can support many business sizes and industry types. Nearly 1,000 enhancements were added as Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 was upgraded and released as Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. Below are a few of the top strengths and weaknesses you may find in this cutting edge ERP system as described on the Microsoft Dynamics page.


  • Multi-site, multi-currency, multi- language, and other powerful features supports international enterprise-size corporations. In addition, all functionality is offered in one license.
  • Flexible deployment options including on-premise, using your own data centre, or in the Cloud.
  • Seamless integration with other Microsoft Office products such as Word and Excel as well as Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Built-in business intelligence utilizes a set of tools that include SQL and the Management Reporter turns business data into actionable insight.
  • Simple user interface looks like other common Microsoft products that your workers are familiar with, which improves user adoption.  In addition, RoleTailored dashboards can be customised for specific users which can improve their productivity.
  • Microsoft Corporation offer a large network of partners and a third party (ISV) marketplace.  These partners can provide the technology you need, in addition to offering unique add-on solutions that support unique operations.
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX offers features for many specific industry sectors. For example, for manufacturers, Microsoft Dynamics AX offers both discrete and process based manufacturing operations and supports mixed-mode operations.
  • A flexible, multi-layered architecture makes it easy to integrate with other Microsoft products, and add-on or specialty software that can grow and change as your business needs grow and change.


  • Microsoft Dynamics AX is more suited for midsized to larger organisations and may not be a good match for smaller businesses.
  • Although the solution is comprehensive and can be tailored to some industry markets, the reliance on ISV and partner channels can add time to the deployment, increase the total cost of ownership, and adversely impact the return on investment.  
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud ERP options are limited and could lead to higher costs if partners are hosting the software.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a top competitor in the midrange ERP market and a strong competitor against other solutions including the SAP Business Suite and Oracle. This solution can offer greater control and visibility throughout your business. Contact ANEGIS to discuss the many strengths that Microsoft Dynamics AX can offer and to determine whether this powerful ERP solution is ideal for your unique business operations.

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