Understanding Dynamics 365 Licencing

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The evolution of core functionality, and the introduction of new capabilities, often means a change to the way solutions are packaged and licenced. 

2020 has been a big year already for Dynamics 365 licencing and product changes across Microsoft’s flagship ERP and CRM solutions. Existing products have changed names and new products have been introduced. Let’s look at the main changes.

Latest Dynamics 365 licencing changes

1. The Dynamics 365 Unified Operations ERP app is now two apps. The Retail app and the Talent app have also changed names.

D365 name changes
D365 Licensing changes - Retail & Talent apps.

2. The three ‘Plans’ are no longer available. Instead, customers will be able to purchase applications more aligned to individual user need.

D365 cancelled plans
D365 Licensing changes - no longer available plans.

3. Dynamics 365 family apps are now only licenced per app. Generally, the first app licence purchased is called the ‘Base’ app, and subsequent apps are purchased as ‘Attach’ licences. The Base licence must be the higher priced application and all users need to have a Base licence.

D365 example licence scenarios
Example user scenarios:

Finance, Supply Chain Management, Commerce, or Human Resources Attach licences cannot be added to a Customer Engagement (e.g. Sales Enterprise) base license as they are the higher priced SKUs and must always be the Base license.

4. Team Members licence will be technically enforced. Until now, the Team Members licence has worked under the honour system. While the Team Members user access and privileges have not changed significantly, it is now enforced technically.

5. Human Resources Self Service new SKU. For employee self-service, including sick leave reporting, vacation request submission, and benefits viewing.

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