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Users of the new Dynamics 365 enjoy a fresh, modern and productive user experience.

The user experience is fundamental to the success of business management software. Quite simply, if an application is not easy and pleasant to use, then end-users will not make the most of it. An intuitive and enjoyable user experience naturally increases productivity. The new Microsoft Dynamics 365 user interface (UI) has been transformed to meet modern expectations of design and usability.  

The new UI introduces familiar elements of Office 365, providing a visually attractive and immersive experience as well as allowing rapid uptake of new functionality and reducing training costs. A great deal of effort has been put into the optimization of the UI by removing all superfluous clicks, popups and scrolling. This smoother, more efficient UI is delivered through a browser-based HTML5 client enabling access across many platforms, including (soon) mobile apps for Windows 10, Android and iOS. Organisations will be able to build business-specific mobile apps with a mobile SDK and make them available to employees through a private marketplace.  

One hundred percent of the business data is available through the HTML5 client, with over five thousand forms redesigned to fit the new interface. Users benefit from the familiarity of a browser-based client which allows them to jump to specific Dynamics 365 forms by clicking URLs. For IT administrators the thin client means it is easy to deploy on any machine, and for developers the built-in abstraction layer means controls can be easily developed using Visual Studio.

People feel comfortable using the same software environment at work as they do in their private life and the new Dynamics UI gives them just that, equally with a touchscreen as with the traditional mouse and keyboard. Business applications no longer have to be clunky and unintuitive. Users can now enjoy the same quality of experience as they do when browsing their tablet or mobile phone at home.

The new Microsoft Dynamics 365 has been several years in the making. The evolution of the product has resulted in a clean, modern UI which puts the right information at the user’s fingertips when and wherever they require it, and on a device that suits them.

Mike Ehrenberg, Technical Fellow, Microsoft Dynamics ERP, says that he, “doesn’t usually get to use the expression ‘beautiful user experience’ and ERP in the same sentence,” but he believes, “we’ve actually earned the right to do that this time and that’s something we’re really excited about.”
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