Enterprise portal development in AX 2012

Learn about Enterprise Portal development in AX 2012, including installing, developing and customising.

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This two-day course introduces the student to the uses of the Enterprise Portal in AX 2012. This course begins with an overview of installing the Enterprise Portal. The student will then learn about the development environment of Enterprise Portal and will be able to build and customise the appearance of a functional web site using new and existing Enterprise Portal application objects. Students will also learn about AX User Control elements available in Visual Studio as well as how elements in the Application Object Tree (AOT) can be deployed across environments.


Module 1: Overview


  • What is Enterprise Portal
  • Enterprise Portal architecture

Module 2: Installation


  • Enterprise Portal requirements
  • Installing the Enterprise Portal
  • Configuring enterprise search
  • Installing the Visual Studio tools

Module 3: Structure and permissions


  • Structure of the Enterprise Portal
  • Security and permissions

Module 4: Customisations


  • Customising Enterprise Portal appearance
  • Customising pages
  • Web parts


  • Edit a page
  • Create a new role center page

Module 5: Modelling


  • List pages
  • Modeling list pages
  • Detail pages
  • Creating a detail page
  • Linking the detail page and the list page


  • Creating a list page
  • Create a preview pane
  • Create a cue group FactBox
  • Create a data set
  • Create a user control
  • Create a detail page

Module 6: Debugging


  • Overview of debugging in Enterprise Portal development
  • Debugging X++ in the Enterprise Portal
  • Debugging user controls in Visual Studio
  • Debugging user controls on Enterprise Portal pages

Module 7: Common X++ and C# development


  • Data set methods
  • Data set parameters
  • Common user control elements


  • User control with grid

Module 8: Additional X++ and C# development


  • Additional user control elements
  • Record context
  • Eventing
  • Labels
  • Metadata
  • Page redirection
  • Proxies


  • Connecting web parts
  • Setting the detail page edit mode
  • Managed metadata

Module 9: Deployment


  • Elements in the AOT
  • Model store
  • Deployment

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