BBK's ERP transformation: challenges and transition to Dynamics 365

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In the ever-evolving landscape of retail, efficient and reliable ERP systems are crucial for maintaining competitive advantage. For BBK, the owner of the home&you brand, the need to switch their ERP system became imperative. What were the reasons behind BBK's decision to transition to Microsoft Dynamics 365? What challenges did they face during the implementation? What were the benefits realized of this strategic move?

BBK's decision to replace their existing ERP system was driven by the necessity to find a solution supported by a stable provider with a clear development roadmap. As Stanisław Juźwicki, IT Architect at BBK, explains,

"We were transitioning from a system by a provider who could no longer support their product. Therefore, we were primarily looking for a solution from a stable provider with solid development prospects and a long-term roadmap. We also wanted a system with a partner ecosystem of companies that could deliver this solution."

Microsoft Dynamics 365 emerged as the ideal choice for BBK. This platform not only promised robust support and continuous development but also provided a comprehensive ecosystem of partners capable of facilitating a seamless transition and ongoing support. This strategic alignment ensured BBK could maintain operational efficiency and scalability, critical for sustaining growth and adapting to market demands.

Implementation journey and challenges

The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 at BBK began in January 2023, with a planned go-live date in February 2024.

Anna Solarek, IT Architect at ANEGIS, BBK’s implementation partner, describes the project’s progression:

"The project covered various aspects including the financial module, export sales, B2B, landed cost, integration with two WMS systems, 135 retail stores, the online store, and support for store stocking. The project has now moved into the system development and optimization phase."

This phase is crucial as it focuses on refining the system to better meet BBK’s specific needs and ensuring that the new ERP solution is fully optimized for their operations.

For more insights into this transformative journey, watch the presentation by representatives of BBK and ANEGIS at the "Dynamics 365. Harnessing AI" conference, where they discuss the challenges, goals, and benefits of implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the home&you brand.

To view recordings of all the sessions of the conference, visit Dynamics 365. Harnessing AI site.

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