Dynamics 365. Harnessing AI – 4 Cities, 14 Experts, and Over 500 Registered Participants – Event Summary and Session Recordings

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How can companies introduce innovations effectively? Where should the digital transformation with artificial intelligence begin? Which tools and areas can bring real changes and benefits? The event organized by ANEGIS, titled "Dynamics 365. Harnessing AI," brought together hundreds of Polish business leaders from trade, marketing, finance, production, and IT in April and May 2024, exploring new business development opportunities and innovative technologies for process automation and optimization.

Introduction to Digital Innovations

The inaugural series of meetings introduced the business implications of artificial intelligence and modern technologies in the ERP and CRM environments. With over 570 registrations for conferences in Gdańsk, Wrocław, Katowice, and Warsaw, the high turnout underscores significant interest in business innovation and the need to explore new technical solutions for enterprise development.

AI's Transformative Potential

ANEGIS and Microsoft experts discussed the transformative power of machine learning algorithms, generative AI, and the intelligent assistant - Copilot - in ERP and CRM contexts. Through practical demonstrations using Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Azure, they showcased how these technologies support marketing, sales, finance, supply chain, production, and administrative processes. Attendees also witnessed a live demonstration of the mixed reality device - HoloLens 2, presented by Krzysztof Nogieć, AI/ML Architect at ANEGIS.


Building Competitive Advantage with AI

Microsoft representatives, including Bożena Szlachta-Hutyra - Technical Specialist, Tomasz Kaczorowski - Azure Sales Manager, and Jarosław Sokolnicki - Microsoft Technology Center Lead, provided insights on leveraging AI in new products, services, and business models to build competitive advantages. Participants were encouraged to experiment with various AI tools and engage daily with the AI assistant - Copilot, now integrated into nearly the entire suite of Microsoft business applications.

Solutions for the Retail Industry

Stanisław Juźwicki, IT Architect at BBK (owner of the home&you brand), discussed retail industry's challenges, such as dynamic changes in sales models and new customer outreach channels. He emphasized the need for IT infrastructure modernization and the role of a scalable ERP system in addressing these challenges. For more details on the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the home&you brand, visit the project page managed by ANEGIS.


Stages and Success Factors of Digital Transformation

Janusz Małgorzaciak, Head of Power Center Team, and Wojciech Knapik, Head of CRM Department at ANEGIS, walked attendees through the digital transformation process step-by-step, highlighting when to embark on this journey. They pinpointed key areas where AI supports automation, data analysis, personalized experiences, customer service, predictive analysis, decision-making, process optimization, and risk management.


AI-Powered CRM

In a dedicated session, Tomasz Kaczan, CRM Architect, and Kamila Jaworowska, Business Development Manager at ANEGIS, presented tools for analyzing marketing campaign trends and building a knowledge base to better understand customers and their needs. They explored Copilot's role in sales processes and demonstrated how AI-driven CRM supports up-selling and cross-selling activities.


Innovations in ERP

The ERP session featured insights from Anna Solarek - Solution Architect, Dawid Mróz - Senior Business Consultant, and Krzysztof Nogieć. They showcased tools for integrating sales channels and optimizing order processing. The session demonstrated how machine learning and mathematical models can automate sales forecast scenarios, aiding better business planning. Participants learned how AI aids supply chain management, considering changes and risks, and monitoring processes. The production section highlighted the digital twin of production and AI-driven data visualization. The final part covered financial management, including debt collection, cash flow management, and budgeting.


Data as Support for Business Decisions

In the concluding session, Janusz Małgorzaciak and Jana Wilczyńska-Gwóźdź, Business Consultant from the Power Center team, guided participants through data utilization stages in the company. They addressed transforming data into decision-support tools and discussed the role of low-code and no-code tools in developing an information management strategy.


Experience Sharing and AI Exploration

These presentations provided participants with insights on introducing innovations in their companies, starting with testing new solutions, and identifying relevant enterprise areas. They also had the opportunity to share their ideas, experiences, and challenges related to AI-based innovations. The event facilitated networking and knowledge exchange.

Video Recap and Session Recordings

We invite you to watch a short video summary of the event:

For those who missed the events or wish to revisit the presentations from the "Dynamics 365. Harnessing AI" conference, we offer a webpage with recordings of all sessions from Warsaw and downloadable materials. The documents and videos are available for free at the Dynamics 365. Harnessing AI page.

We thank all conference participants, the event partner - Microsoft, and media partners: Computerworld, erp-view.pl, magazynit.pl, erp24.pl.

The first series of "Dynamics 365. Harnessing AI" meetings revealed that the future of business lies in integrating modern technologies and exploring their potential. The next edition of the event is coming soon, featuring more Polish cities on the itinerary.

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