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A few months ago, Microsoft released a standalone HR application for its Dynamics enterprise solution called Dynamics 365 for Talent. The Talent app has now given birth to two more standalone modules: Attract and Onboard.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent streamlines the hiring experience, delivering a complete view of employees and their experience by centralising their HR programs, from benefits and compensation to absence reporting and compliance. Talent also links seamlessly with LinkedIn.

By breaking out the Attract and Onboard functionality from the core HR app, Microsoft has acknowledged that some organisations may wish to work within their current HR architecture.


The Attract app leverages its LinkedIn integration to help HR professionals find, engage and hire the most talented people. It also:

  • Streamlines collaboration with recruiters
  • Provides candidates guidance and transparency through a portal
  • Allows tailoring of the interview process
  • Monitors candidates throughout the hiring process
Attract app


The Onboard app offers personalised onboarding experiences, streamlining paperwork, improving engagement, and accelerating time-to-impact. It also:

  • Provides step-by-step checklists to ensure completion of administrative tasks
  • Clearly defines new employees' roles, responsibilities and objectives
  • Improves cross-functional connecting and collaboration
  • Provides feedback opportunities to continuously improve onboarding experience
Onboard app


The Dynamics 365 for Talent app, including Attract, Onboard and Core HR, is available for $40/month per full user. However, if you wish to maintain your legacy HR system, the new modular Attract and Onboard apps can each be bought as separate subscriptions starting at $8/month per user or $12/month per user for both. To talk about your specific needs, get a call back from a consultant.

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