Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Product overview

Manage and automate workforce administration for both full-time employees and contractors. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources comprises three applications: Core HR, Attract and Onboard. Talent can be integrated with existing systems to streamline processes and optimise workforce costs.

Talent App overview

Tight integration with LinkedIn Recruiter draws together disparate information to build accurate candidate profiles and improve the ROI of the hiring process. Office 365 integration offers easy scheduling of collaborative interviews with Outlook, and data management with Excel.

Why choose Dynamics 365 Human Resources?

Preferred vendor

A survey asked 6,700 enterprise decision-makers worldwide about their ERP system purchasing intentions. More than half chose Microsoft Dynamics as their preferred next investment.

Source: ICT Enterprise Insights 2013, Ovum Research.

Lower costs

Research by Panorama Consulting identified Microsoft Dynamics as the Tier 1 ERP system with the lowest total cost of ownership.

Source: Clash of the Titans 2016, Panorama Consulting Solutions.

Market share

In the manufacturing industry Microsoft Dynamics has greater market share than other Tier 1 ERP vendors.

Source: The 2015 Manufacturing ERP Report, Panorama Consulting Solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources capabilities

Effective collaboration

  • Enhance the process of talent sourcing, recruiting and selection with LinkedIn Talent Solutions.
  • Simplify interview scheduling with central visibility into candidate profiles, assessment tools and interviewer assignments.
  • Offer collaborative performance assessments with real-time performance dashboards and accomplishment tracking.

Process automation

  • Automate routine HR tasks such as benefits, compensation, and leave and absence.
  • Simplify employee verification, worker accommodations, local regulation support, and health and safety requirements.
  • Configure automated processes to reduce paperwork and reporting complexities, improve accuracy, and minimise compliance risk.

Core management

  • Adjust compensation individually or in bulk, and test in a sandbox environment prior to approval and publishing.
  • Define leave and absence types with job-related filters and assign groups of employees to a leave plan.
  • Integrate with other Dynamics 365 apps and existing systems through a common data platform.

Selected functions

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources
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