ANEGIS Group opens a branch in Germany as part of growth strategy in DACHL markets

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ANEGIS Group has established ANEGIS GmbH and opened a branch office in Germany. The new division, based in Rosenfeld, is a part of the Group's growth strategy in Western European markets.

The establishment of the German branch is a consequence of successfully completed implementation projects for German companies.

Among the tasks set for the German team is to build up ANEGIS’ position in the DACHL area (Germany (D), Austria (A), Switzerland (CH), Lichtenstein (L)) as a partner and leader in business process optimization and automaton.  

The development of ANEGIS in the DACHL markets will be led by ANEGIS GmbH CEO, Carmen Hehl, with twenty years of experience in consulting and business management, working with Microsoft Dynamics enterprise software.  

Supporting the CEO will be Ralf Hertneck, a strategic advisor with over twenty years of experience in the area of IT business solutions; Christoph Koczewski, a business development advisor with experience in financial analysis and capital markets; and Hilke Müller, a project assistant with project management and planning experience.

ANEGIS GmbH is located in Rosenfeld, Baden-Württemberg.  

One of the criteria for choosing the city was its strategic location in relation to prospective markets: Switzerland (70 km), Austria (130 km), Liechtenstein (160 km) and France (95 km).

Office address:

Mömpelgardgasse 31  
72348 Rosenfeld

Full contact details are available on the Contact page.





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