ANEGIS renewes Great Place to Work® certification

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ANEGIS retains the Great Place to Work® title. "For the second time, we have undergone the certification process, and our efforts in building a friendly workplace have once again been acknowledged by the team. We take pride in this achievement," states Michał Tekiela, CEO of ANEGIS. Monika Markowska, HR manager at ANEGIS, adds, "This recognition is unique as it relies on employee opinions, evaluating the company's organizational culture and working conditions. We thank everyone for their commitment and positive feedback."

ANEGIS has successfully completed the verification process conducted by the Great Place to Work® Institute for the second time. The Great Place to Work® certification is granted based on the Culture Audit™ – an assessment of the company's people management practices and policies, and crucially, the Trust Index™ – an indicator of the level of trust and job satisfaction calculated from anonymous surveys conducted among the company's employees.

The recognition considers both the experiences of long-term team members and new employees who join the company each year. Sustaining positive experiences for the established team and ensuring a welcoming environment for new members are daily challenges taken on by the leadership and HR team at ANEGIS, and this is reflected in the survey results.

In the 2023 survey, employees highlighted the aspects of management and team belonging:

  • 93% of employees stated that ANEGIS leadership is fair and ethical in its business practices.
  • 90% of employees believe that the leadership genuinely cares about them as individuals, not just as employees.
  • 97% of employees acknowledged feeling welcomed when joining the company.
  • 90% of employees proudly say they work at ANEGIS.
  • 92% of employees consider ANEGIS a friendly workplace.
Michał Tekiela, CEO of ANEGIS, emphasizes, "At ANEGIS, we strive to create a friendly workplace for everyone. Our priority is for each individual to feel like a full-fledged team member, treated with respect and trust, as this reciprocates trust in the organization and its leaders. Through this mutual trust, we can take on ambitious and satisfying challenges, implement new development strategies, and achieve higher business results."

ANEGIS places a strong emphasis on building a sense of community among employees. Organizing outings, team-building events, and celebrating successes strengthen bonds and foster an open atmosphere. Employees also appreciate flexible working hours, a task-oriented approach to duties, and diverse development opportunities through workshops, courses, and certifications. The benefits package is just an addition to the engaging and friendly organizational culture.

Monika Markowska, HR manager at ANEGIS, underscores its significance: "Receiving the Great Place to Work® certification is not only a prestigious accolade but also a confirmation of our efforts in shaping the company's culture and values. This is the second year our efforts have been recognized, reinforcing our confidence that we are on the right path. We commit to the continuous development of ANEGIS as a workplace that not only meets but exceeds employee expectations."
Michał Tekiela concludes, "We extend our gratitude to each member of the ANEGIS team for their professionalism, collaboration, and invaluable role in achieving this recognition."

ANEGIS provides an inspiring environment for professional development. Explore current job opportunities and join a team where the value of work goes hand in hand with a positive spirit of collaboration. Visit the ANEGIS career page.

About the Great Place to Work® Institute:

Great Place to Work® Institute is a global research organization that supports companies in creating "places to work by choice." Since 1992, it has conducted surveys among over 100 million employees worldwide, defining trust as the foundation of a great workplace. The Institute assists organizations in building a work culture based on this foundation.

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