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ANEGIS has earned the Great Place to Work® certification. “It is thanks to our employees that we can proudly wear the title of a great place to work - they appreciated ANEGIS' organizational culture and the changes we have undertaken to make our company employee-friendly," says Michal Tekiela, CEO of ANEGIS.

ANEGIS applied for this title for the first time and passed the verification process conducted by the Great Place to Work® Institute.

The Great Place to Work® certificate is awarded on the basis of an anonymous survey that evaluates employees' experiences in the area of organizational culture and working conditions at the company, as well as on the basis of a company culture audit.

The survey measures the level of employees' trust in the organization and satisfaction with working in its structures according to the Trust Index®. The methodology used for the assessment is For All™ - it examines whether every employee is included in the life of the company and can contribute to its development.

In a survey of more than 150 ANEGIS employees:

  • 98% of employees said they felt welcome when they joined the company.
  • 96% of employees found ANEGIS to be a friendly place to work.
  • 96% of employees said that team members care about each other.
  • 95% of employees believe they can count on the cooperation of others.
  • 91% of employees feel they are full members of the team regardless of their position.
  • 90% of employees said that managers are honest and ethical in their business practices.
  • 91% of employees consider ANEGIS a great place to work, all things considered.
“We seek to make ANEGIS a friendly place to work for everyone. We promote a culture of openness, transparency and honesty. We are committed to ensuring that team members relate to each other with respect and that everyone feels that they are an important part of the whole that is ANEGIS. We are pleased that employees trust us and appreciate our efforts to shape a good working environment. We will do our best to maintain the title of Great Place to Work in the years to come," Michal Tekiela, CEO of ANEGIS.

ANEGIS focuses on creating bonds between employees. Trips and team-building events and celebrating events and successes together create an atmosphere of openness and companionship. Work comfort and extensive development opportunities are also important at the company. Task-based work and flexible working hours, as well as workshops, courses and certifications are elements valued by employees.

“Great Place to Work is a special honor for us, as ANEGIS obtained it on the first try. The certificate has reaffirmed our conviction that the strategy we have chosen, of building an engaging, open and respectful and trusting organizational culture, is the right one. It is appreciated by both long-serving employees and newcomers to our company," says Monika Markowska, HR manager of ANEGIS.

Great Place to Work® Institute is a global research organization that supports companies in becoming "workplaces of choice". Since 1992, the institute has surveyed more than 100 million employees around the world. Based on the data it has collected, it has defined the factor that lies at the heart of a great workplace: trust. The institute helps organizations build a work culture based on this foundation.

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