BUUK boosts operational efficiency through Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation with ANEGIS

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ANEGIS has announced the successful completion of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation project for BUUK Infrastructure. The cutting-edge cloud-based system has enabled BUUK to enhance data security, streamline key operational areas, and align infrastructure with current technological standards.

BUUK Infrastructure, a leading provider of last-mile utility networks in the United Kingdom, opted for the migration from Microsoft Dynamics AX to the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics 365. The choice of ANEGIS as the implementation partner proved pivotal to the project's success.

The project commenced in November 2021 and finished in July 2023, covering a wide range of business areas such as project management, finance, procurement, sales, and master data management.

Selecting Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the new system

“There were two reasons we decided to implement Dynamics 365. One was that the support on AX was running out and we do not run on platforms that are not supported by the vendor. That is standard security. And the second reason was that we had a lot of features that were built into the old system as bespoke software and we knew in D365 that came as standard in the system and we wanted to take out some of that complexity and run with that as standard, because that would help simplify our systems and processes,” admits Neil Hammond, IT Executive at BUUK.

ANEGIS, a longstanding partner of BUUK, played a crucial role throughout the implementation process.

Helen Bachu, Head of Projects at BUUK, emphasizes, "With ANEGIS we had got all the relationships built and established. There was a high level of trust and ANEGIS had delivered previously all the promises when working on the other product."

The Dynamics 365 implementation project followed ANEGIS' methodology, based on their experience and expertise, specifically tailored for D365 deployments.

Ireneusz Stępiński, Senior Project Manager at ANEGIS, explains, "This methodology allows project managers to spend a significant amount of time to mutually agree on the plan, tools, and procedures for project execution.”

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation

The project's duration and scope included streamlining workflow approval processes, implementing communication interfaces, and launching an internal Dynamics 365 tool facilitating data transmission to data warehouses.

"As part of the implementation, various modifications and integrations were additionally implemented, enabling the connection of Dynamics 365 with other systems used in the organization. The full scope of the client's requirements was fulfilled in the project," adds Piotr Pudlik, Solution Architect at ANEGIS.

The effects of Dynamics 365 implementation are already evident. Improvements in workflow, tightened business processes, expansion in document approval and circulation, as well as data organization, contributed to a reduction in errors.

"The business has benefited from the use of the Data Management Framework - DMF, as an opportunity to export data effectively from the system, but also import and update records within the system," notes Hannah Margetson, Lead Business Analyst at BUUK.

The implementation of Dynamics 365 opens up new possibilities for BUUK to enhance and automate manual, time-consuming processes, ensuring further company development.

Read the full Dynamics 365 implementation case study for BUUK.

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