Talkdesk CX Cloud

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Talkdesk CX Cloud

Product overview

Talkdesk is a contact centre platform that provides quality service to your customers. Customer interactions in Talkdesk are powered by artificial intelligence and analysis of the full customer profile, created using data from any Talkdesk-integrated enterprise application, including Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Talkdesk as a CCaaS  (Contact Centre as a Service), suits organizations that put the customer experience at the heart of their operations.

Talkdesk provides personalised  customer service and effective self-service support with the help of chat bots.

Your customer service team  can manage customer interactions from anywhere and on any device.

As a contact platform, Talkdesk uses artificial intelligence algorithms, natural language processing and automation to optimise  every step of the customer service experience, regardless of the time or contact channel a customer chooses.

Every customer interaction is a valuable source of data that is automatically synchronised  with company applications, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps. Talkdesk also uses information pulled from these applications, so you can take optimal action in the customer contact process and provide an engaging customer experience.

  • ‍In the 2023 Gartner® Peer Insights™ 'Voice of the Customer’ for CCaaS ranking, Talkdesk was recognized by users as the top choice contact platform.
  • Gartner has ranked Talkdesk among the leaders in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for CCaaS for the 4th consecutive year.
  • Forrester recognised Talkdesk as a leader in its 2020 Forrester Wave for CCaaS report.
  • As the first service of its kind, available with a 100% SLA, Talkdesk is the main contact platform for more than 1,800 companies in 75 countries.





Talkdesk Financial Services Experience Cloud™ for Banking is an end-to-end contact centre solution designed and built to meet the specific needs of banks. The platform integrates seamlessly with core banking systems, provides automated workflows for account servicing, lending, payments and collections. AI and omnichannel capabilities work together to deliver a complete view of a customer and their needs.



Talkdesk Financial Services Experience Cloud™ for Insurance is a CX solution designed to unify the customer journey across policy servicing, claims, and new business. Deep integrations with CMS, PAS, and CRM systems provide a complete customer view and automated workflows. Pre-trained artificial intelligence and insurance information libraries combined with digital engagement channels deliver a seamless and personalised customer experience.



Talkdesk Retail Experience Cloud™ is an AI-supported, powerful customer service platform designed specifically for retailers to increase brand loyalty and effectively engage customers across digital and physical channels. A unified view of all customer interactions allows staff to meet customer expectations across their preferred communication channels. Intelligent bots, specialised in retail problems, support a customer in finding solutions.



Talkdesk Healthcare Experience Cloud™ for Providers is a platform built for healthcare providers. It is pre-integrated with EHR systems and designed for workflows between healthcare providers and patients. The platform uses a pre-trained AI for healthcare knowledge.




End-to-end platform

  • Broadest suite of native apps
  • One unified platform
  • One user experience


  • Automation
  • Intelligent engagement
  • Operational efficiency


  • Flexible to change with your business
  • Customizable workspace
  • "Clicks not code" administration


  • 60+ pre-built integrations, including Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Easy custom integrations
  • AppConnect app marketplace


  • Enterprise scale
  • 30+ security certifications
  • 100% uptime SLA, global call quality


  • Fast deployment
  • Fast onboarding
  • Fast time to value



Self-service experience

Girl talking on the phone

24/7 customer service with Virtual Agent

No more missed calls or unanswered queries. With Talkdesk Virtual Agent™ powered by a conversational artificial intelligence and NLU (Natural Language Understanding) technology, customers are engaged in a natural dialogue across the voice and digital chat channels, with the support for multiple languages, and receive an immediate response to their queries.  

Intuitive call flows builder for effective customer self-service

Talkdesk Studio™ service provides a clear view of a customer journey and allows non-technical stakeholders to create intelligent, contextual IVR calls. A customer is seamlessly guided through the steps of self-service or is redirected to a live agent.

Configurable Virtual Agent conversational flows

Design engaging conversations with an easy-to-use tool, making virtual agent interactions feel natural and frictionless to customers. With a simple no-code tool and drag-and-drop method, you can customise  the virtual agent responses to suit different customer intentions.




Omnichannel engagement

Man in a suit

High-quality calls

A crystal-clear and friendly voice, reliable support and personalised  responses are all elements of the service that a customer can experience across every channel of contact.

You are where your customer is

Talkdesk Digital Engagement is a comprehensive digital customer engagement solution that includes email, SMS, live chat and other forms of contact, so you can help customers in their preferred digital channel.

Smart and effective customer journeys

Talkdesk Studio provides a clear visual display of the customer journey, all while enabling non-technical staff to create intelligent, context-driven orchestration flows. A contextualised  customer journey will provide your customers with a seamless experience and answers to their questions.

Proactive engagement

With Talkdesk Proactive Outbound Engagement™, you can automatically connect with current and prospective customers, tripling or quadrupling connect rates over manual dialing. Use Talkdesk Proactive Notifications™ to automatically send personalized, relevant, and timely notifications via phone or SMS in a fully agentless mode.

The best customer service team

Your employees can benefit from personalised  assistants  with Talkdesk Agent Assist™. Such a personalised  assistant listens to the consultant's needs, learns from their   experience and assists in every customer conversation.

Better feedback means better CX

Talkdesk Feedback™ speaks with the voice of the customer - the tool allows you to create surveys in each channel to collect, analyse , and act on customer feedback. The data you gain from surveys will help you discover trends, identify problems and their solutions, and make informed and accurate decisions that ensure customer satisfaction and strengthen brand loyalty.



Workforce engagement management

Woman in the glasses

Workforce management

Intuitive and easy-to-use multi-channel team management, supported by artificial intelligence algorithms, helps optimise  employment processes and plan tasks and workflows.

Quality management

In Talkdesk Workforce Engagement Management™ you have access to all the interactions your consultants undertake. This makes it easy for you to assess your employees' progress and provide them with the feedback they need, to deliver the highest quality service to your clients.

Interaction recording

With the ability to record voice and video in sync, you can hear and see how a customer interaction is being carried out across every channel of communication.  

Performance management

In Talkdesk Workforce Engagement Management™ you will create interactive visualizations and reports to help managers identify opportunities to develop and engage employees. Personalised  coaching will highlight areas for them to work on and suggest solutions to problems.

Agent workspace

A unified, intuitive agent workspace will help employees develop competencies and deliver a positive customer experience with every interaction.

Agent assist

Your consultants can benefit from contextual recommendations for the next best actions and automated assistance when conducting live client interactions.

Conversations Mobile App

With the Talkdesk mobile app, support staff can interact with customers anywhere, anytime.

Knowledge management

In Talkdesk Workforce Engagement Management™, your team gets the tools to create, model, refine and organise  information and processes to help solve customer problems faster.



Employee collaboration

Woman with headphones

An integrated solution

Better customer service by connecting tools and people? Yes! Talkdesk integrates a contact centre , digital and analogue channels, and collaboration tools to ensure seamless communication between all employees in a company.  

Real-time response

Talkdesk enables teams to collaborate effectively so they can resolve complex customer issues faster, and during the first contact.  

The complete customer profile

Talkdesk makes it easy to share customer information with other team members. Real-time access to the full customer profile facilitates collaboration in building sales, product and customer service strategies.

Reduce costs and process complexity

One software to manage all data, customer interactions and the entire team means simplicity, saving time and money.




Customer experience analytics

Man with tablet

Excellent customer service with real-time analytics

In Talkdesk, you can use customised  dashboards to compare your performance against SLAs and key metrics in real time. Based on customer experience analytics, you can respond accurately to customer needs and increase their trust in your brand.

High performance based on historical data

With a powerful business analysis and reporting tool, you can easily visualise  your data and processes. Filtering, scheduling and customization options help you get a complete view of your contact centre  performance.

Customer satisfaction at every stage of the contact

The Voice of the Customer (VoC) tool allows you to create and launch surveys on any communication channel to collect, analyse  customer feedback and take optimal and personalised  action based on it. The customer is always at the heart of the organization.



Selected functions

Self-service experience

In the 24/7 accessible contact centre , the customer can easily and quickly find the answer to their question with the help of virtual agents. The platform allows you to interact with a customer across multiple channels, both voice and digital. The Talkdesk platform provides automated customer support for the most common queries, so your staff can focus on solving your customers' toughest problems.

Talkdesk CX Cloud

Omnichannel engagement

Talkdesk Omnichannel Engagement is an integrated suite of intelligent and intuitive solutions that allow you to engage with customers in their preferred channels while maintaining personalised interactions, keeping the conversation in the right context and seamlessly evolving the conversation across channels.

Talkdesk CX Cloud

Workforce engagement management

Talkdesk Workforce Engagement Management™ is an integrated suite of tools that helps manage, develop and improve customer service team engagement. The platform's solutions for organising training, coaching and empowerment, strengthen employee engagement and increase the team's operational efficiency in dealing with customers.

Talkdesk CX Cloud

Employee collaboration

The Talkdesk platform combines a contact centre , call system and collaboration tools to create a seamless and comprehensive environment for communication between departments, teams and employees. Sharing knowledge and collaborating across different levels of the organisation not only strengthens relationships between employees, but also impacts the customer experience with your team.

Talkdesk CX Cloud
"Based on our cooperation, we confirm the experience, professionalism and realibility of ANEGIS employees. We recommend this vendor as a reliable business partner."
Ewa Franczak
"ANEGIS provided excellent support for our Dynamics AX Parent Company finance installation. Their consultants are top quality, highly effective professionals."
Marie Capes
Director of Finance and Administration, WPP London
"ANEGIS’ commitment and reliable approach were a key factor in our decision to work with them, and they continue to deliver in an effective and timely mannner."
Neil Hammond
IT Director, BUUK Infrastructure
"Our go-live was successful! Thank you to all of you. Let me repeat that I am really thankful!"
Dr. Rick Dannert
Project Manager, New Yorker
"Not only is the product great but the Talkdesk team has the capability to adapt to each customer, understand the business and think of ways for improvement. That was the most important thing for me."
Ludovic Magnier
Live Operations Platform Manager, Glovo
"We were looking for a solution that is reliable and flexible, that we could implement anywhere, anytime without any big changes in our infrastructure."
Wijnanda Benneker
Project Manager, Canon Europe
"Doctors and nurses are soldiers on the front line, so care continuity is critical. But we could not compromise the health of our own employees either. We didn’t think WFH for our contact center agents was possible, but we knew we had to do it."
Elias Farah
Chief Executive Officer and President, MEDFAR Clinical Solutions
"We looked at five different contact center companies and explored every one in depth. No one but Talkdesk had exactly what we needed in a Salesforce integration. The biggest advantage of Talkdesk is that the integration was already in place and ready to go."
Ross Whitington
Business Operations Associate, Shift


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