Marketing and advertising companies

Marketing and advertising companies

Industry overview

Give your agency the only fully integrated technology solution to streamline and manage a better and faster service for your clients. AXAD builds on the enterprise-class Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations architecture by adding the features and processes required by the advertising and marketing industry.

A fully open code base allows us to custom build functionality that supports the uniqueness of your business.

  • Convert creativity into profitability
  • Optimise resource management
  • Reduce administrative expense
  • Ensure consistent creative excellence

Replace your legacy systems

Cut out the costs and inefficiencies of sub-optimally performing legacy and disparate systems.

Remove barriers to collaboration and break down information silos. AXAD places all your business processes on a single, unified platform, with real-time visibility across the entire organisation. A single and always accessible data source eliminates costly errors and an integrated system encourages collaboration and the sharing of ideas.

Agility and interoperability

AXAD allows you to see the big picture on client profitability, media bookings and job work in progress. This global solution for the advertising sector grows easily with your business and gives your staff instant insight and increased productivity.  

AXAD interoperability gives you the benefits of working bi-directionally with Microsoft Word, Excel and other Office applications. You also have a full range of options for deploying the underlying technology on-premises or in the cloud.

Advertising and media management features

  • Campaign based accounting
  • WIP based cost and billing management system
  • Support for multilevel campaigns
  • Support for split-funded campaigns
  • Media buying, posting confirmation and billing
  • Integrated production management
  • Purchase-order-based cost management
  • Three-way matching for order value, service receipt and purchase invoicing
  • Supplier self-billing
  • Automated client billing proposals and final bills
  • Billing delivery through email or EDI
  • Time-based inventory availability
  • End client, specialist and agency statistical reporting
  • Customer self-service portal
  • Programmatic media selling
  • End-to-end digital campaign management including player software

Knowledge base

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