Cognitive services

Cognitive services

Solution overview

Cognitive Services comprises a comprehensive set of tools and frameworks that allow businesses to operationalise Artificial Intelligence (AI) services quickly, at scale and without the need of a team of data scientists.

ANEGIS leverages Microsoft Cognitive Services to build and deploy AI products that connect with your business applications.

Solutions include:


  • Product recognition, such as apple, pear, pepper
  • Product type recognition, such as bell pepper, serrano pepper, jalapeño pepper
  • Product freshness recognition
  • Product feature recognition, such as colour, shape, size
  • Liquid capacity recognition
  • Recognition of missing products on the store shelf


  • Automatic speech recognition and speech transcription
  • Automatic text-to-speech
  • Speaker identification and verification
  • Automated real-time speech translation


  • Text sentiment analysis
  • Contextual language understanding
  • Key phrase extraction
  • Named Entity Recognition

Knowledge and search

  • Semantic matching for knowledge bases
  • Video topic and trend identification
  • Image identification and classification
  • Knowledge acquisition from images
  • Trending topic identification

Cognitive Services integration

ANEGIS brings intelligence to enterprise resource planning (ERP), manufacturing execution (MES) and quality management (QMS) systems by building integrations between Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and Azure Cognitive Services.

Quality management, for example, can be automated using a custom vision service to visually check product parameters and deliver real-time feedback to the production plan in Dynamics 365, at the same time re-routing products that do not meet required standards.

In Dynamics 365 for Retail, sophisticated product recommendations can be delivered to a point of sale (POS) device with Cognitive Services and Azure Machine Learning. Recommendations, based on purchase history, wish list items, and items other customers purchased online and in brick-and-mortar stores, help the customer with product discovery, and help retailers with up-sell and cross-sell, and can enhance customer retention.

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