ANEGIS is relocating its headquarters to Wroclaw's Centrum Południe and expanding its team

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A modern office and ambitious challenges - ANEGIS has chosen Centrum Południe for its new headquarters and is launching more projects, and with them a series of recruitments. The company has also won the Great Place to Work® title - new team members will join a workplace appreciated by employees.

The pandemic has not slowed down the company's growth - in two years the team of ANEGIS specialists has grown by 90%. New implementation projects of ERP and CRM systems for both Polish and foreign companies, from manufacturing and trade, to services, have increased the company's teams of specialized managers, solution architects, consultants and programmers. ANEGIS has also trained a significant number of adept programmers and consultants through internship programs. Today, the company already employs more than 150 people. And it's not slowing down.

“As our project portfolio grows, we are looking for more specialists. New team members, in addition to competitive salaries, employee benefits and a friendly working atmosphere, will be awaited by the company's new headquarters in a modern, comfortable investment in Wroclaw, Centrum Południe, as of November 28," says Monika Markowska, HR manager at ANEGIS.

The relocation of the headquarters from an office at the Wrocław market square to the Centrum Południe complex, Skanska's flagship investment, is the latest of the company's branch relocations - in 2021 ANEGIS switched to larger offices with higher standards and comfort in Warsaw and Sieradz.

“These changes were dictated by the recruitment of new people to ANEGIS and the fact that the remote work and the isolation caused by the pandemic aroused people's desire for direct contact with others. We met the expectations of employees and introduced a hybrid model of work and moved to a new space to ensure everyone's safety and comfort in the office," Monika Markowska added.

The new office in Centrum Południe is 750 sqm of space with 95% natural light. Solutions implemented in the complex use pro-environmental technologies, such as chilled beams, a free-cooling system, renewable energy and air-purifying concrete. Centrum Południe is the first building in Wroclaw with the WELL certificate, which is awarded to investments that ensure optimal conditions for employees: clean air, clean water, natural light and proper temperature.

“When choosing a new office, we were guided by the comfort of our team and the location of the building. We wanted to provide employees with a place in the vicinity of a transportation hub and with facilities for cyclists and drivers. The new office is located close to the train and bus stations for the convenience of those who live on the outskirts of Wroclaw and those coming to us from other cities. Centrum Południe also has underground parking with an app-based space management system. And since we strongly promote bicycle commuting, cyclists will benefit from numerous bike racks, repair stations, showers and locker rooms, as well as a separate bicycle elevator at the new location. Those with mobility difficulties will easily access the office via a comfortable elevator from the first floor," says Katarzyna Klin-Tekiela, director of finance and administration at ANEGIS.

In addition to a spacious and functional social area within the office, employees will have a modern canteen on the first floor of the office building. A space has been set aside within the complex for a basketball court. The building has a branch of Coventry University with international standards and certification, with classes taught in English.

“This is a nod to those people who care about self-development. At ANEGIS, we support all initiatives that improve the competence, skills and well-being of our employees," says Katarzyna Klin-Tekiela.

The University's course offerings are available at

ANEGIS has also joined the small group of Polish IT companies that hold the Great Place to Work® certificate. The title is awarded on the basis of an anonymous survey of the company's employees, assessing organizational standards and working conditions according to the Trust Index®, and an audit of the company's culture.

"This is the first time we have applied for this title and passed the verification process conducted by the Great Place to Work® institute. This would not have been possible if it were not for the trust of our employees, who in anonymous surveys appreciated the character of ANEGIS and the changes we have taken to make our company a good and friendly place to work for them. Now we are looking forward to welcoming new people to this unique place," says Monika Markowska.

Due to rapid growth, the company is looking for specialists to join its team who have experience in ERP and CRM implementations. ANEGIS also plans to launch another internship program for consultants. Challenging implementations, excellent development opportunities and a relaxed team atmosphere with industry experts await all candidates.

Solution architects, consultants and developers with experience in implementing Microsoft products and services for enterprises, interested in working at ANEGIS, can apply through the form on the Careers page, by sending an application to or by contacting Monika Markowska directly at +48 783 337 260.

Centrum Południe building

Centrum Południe building

ANEGIS office reception

Dining area

Dining area

Recreational area
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