ANEGIS to take part in Digital Business Transformation Summit

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ANEGIS are pleased to be selected as the preferred partner for manufacturing at the Digital Business Transformation Summit to be held in Warsaw, Poland, in February and March 2018.‍

ANEGIS to take part in Digital Business Transformation Summit

ANEGIS will be demonstrating the latest ERP system and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for Industry 4.0.

The meetings are part of the Digital Excellence program, organised together with representatives from the academic community, including Wrocław University of Economics and the Collegium of Management and Finance.

The first stage of the Summit, taking place in February, involves a series of four industry-specific workshops focussing on finance, retail, manufacturing and government. Each workshop will be an exclusive meeting for 10-15 executives from some of the largest and most dynamically developing companies and institutions in Poland.

ANEGIS have been selected to lead the manufacturing workshop due to its depth of knowledge and experience in the sector and its innovative solutions for digital transformation.

Discussions will focus on future industry challenges, including IoT solutions, automation and digitisation of production processes, and an effective work environment as the foundation of a company's efficiency.

In March, the Digital Transformation Summit will present the opportunity to take part in interactive simulations, debates and sector-focussed presentations.

Michal Tekiela, ANEGIS CEO, said,

“The summit will be a great opportunity to meet and share knowledge with others leading the way in digital transformation.”


Key dates:

‍Feb. 22 – Workshop for manufacturers

Mar. 27 – Digital Transformation Summit


ANEGIS Ltd. are the largest dedicated Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultancy in Europe, based out of offices in the UK and Poland. The founders of ANEGIS have worked together for over ten years, successfully completing many high-profile ERP system projects including one of the world’s largest ever Dynamics AX implementations.  

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About Digital Business Transformation Summit

The Digital Business Transformation Summit is an opportunity for the exchange of knowledge and experiences around digital transformation in the largest or most dynamically developing companies and institutions in Poland. The Summit is co-organised by Microsoft, Digital Excellence Group and CIONET.

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We invite you to have a look at a short report on the Digital Business Transformation Summit.

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