BBK implements new ERP system with ANEGIS and embarks on digital transformation journey

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BBK S.A., the owner of brands such as home&you and Essex and a leader in the home decor industry, has made a strategic decision to modernize its technological infrastructure to meet new developmental challenges and become resilient to dynamic changes in the retail industry. As a result of a project executed with implementation partner ANEGIS, the company successfully replaced its outdated on-premises ERP system with a modern and flexible cloud-based solution – Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Initially a textile company, BBK S.A. expanded its operations into the decorative industry in 2007. Consequently, its operations evolved to handle more complex logistics and warehousing, supporting retail activities. The existing point-of-sale systems in physical stores and a separate ERP system for purchasing and pricing management did not meet the current requirements of the retail trade. In response to these challenges, BBK decided to transition to cloud software to ensure more efficient operations without the need to manage complex IT infrastructure.

System and Partner - optimal choices

BBK chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 as its new ERP system.

"Microsoft was the best fit for us: Dynamics 365 is future-proof and offered features that would enable us to do the things we wanted to do, the way we wanted to do them," explains Stanisław Karpiński, IT Director at BBK.

ANEGIS team supported BBK's technological transformation from the implementation side, as a partner and Microsoft solutions provider for enterprises. The company specializes in adapting the Dynamics 365 system to the specific needs of clients arising from the nature of the industry.

"ANEGIS was the best partner for us because their expertise in retail and technical knowledge of Dynamics 365 complement the knowledge of our in-house team," adds Stanisław Karpiński.

Microsoft Dynamics 365: integrated actions, integrated benefits

The implementation of Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management covered areas related to financial management, supply chain, and store operations. As a result, BBK gained an integrated system ensuring consistency of operations across over 130 home&you stores.

The benefit of implementing the new system was the creation of a smoother and more efficient work environment, as well as opening up to the use of tools for automation with Microsoft Power Platform. BBK employees gained the ability to streamline daily tasks, better access to data, and the ability to make faster business decisions, resulting in increased operational flexibility.

"With Dynamics 365, we have all that data in one place. This enables us to make smarter decisions faster, making us more operationally agile and boosting our bottom line," believes Stanisław Karpiński.

BBK in the era of innovation

The implementation of Dynamics 365 enabled BBK to transition to a modern infrastructure, accelerating adaptation to the changing business environment and providing a foundation for further development and increasing the company's competitiveness.

Anna Solarek, Deputy of Consulting Director and Solution Architect at ANEGIS, adds:

"We are proud to have been involved in this important project for BBK. Our joint efforts have allowed us to create a modern and scalable environment that will enable the company to grow and compete in an increasingly demanding market."

The full description of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation for BBK S.A. is available on the case study page.

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