Company description

BBK S.A. has been in the interior decoration import and distribution business for over 25 years. They own popular brands like home&you and Essex, known for their decorative products and home textiles. With over 130 home&you stores in Poland and expanding their Essex brand across Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, and the Baltic countries, BBK is a significant player in the market.

Project summary

BBK saw the need to adapt to the digital transformation in the retail industry and explore new avenues of development. Their existing ERP system with on-premises infrastructure was becoming outdated and inflexible in the face of dynamic market changes. Therefore, they decided to invest in cloud-based solutions, viewing them as an opportunity to streamline operations, integrate and centralize data, and ultimately enhance the company's competitiveness in the market. The choice of Dynamics 365 was a result of their commitment to modernizing IT infrastructure and ensuring consistency across operations in over 130 home&you stores owned by BBK.

Project tasks undertaken

  • TO-BE process modeling
  • Analytical and design workshops (agile, stream approach)
  • Project documentation (process descriptions, modifications, integrations)
  • Environment parameterization
  • Solution implementation, including necessary modifications and integrations
  • Data migration support
  • System testing, including regression testing, performance testing
  • User training
  • Acceptance testing
  • Post-implementation support

Other project features

  • The implemented solutions include Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management modules to manage finances, supply chain, and store operations.
  • Additionally, the client transitioned to Microsoft 365 and Exchange Online for better data and document flow.
  • With the new system in place, BBK achieved a more integrated and efficient working environment. Tasks could be automated, and all data became accessible in one location, enhancing company’s operational flexibility.
  • The move to cloud infrastructure also positioned BBK to adapt quickly to changing business environments, paving the way for future growth and competitiveness.
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