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SECO/WARWICK is the technological leader in heat processing and innovative heat treatment furnaces. To ensure continued growth, with the highest level of security and efficiency, the company has decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations in the cloud.‍

In order to be able to compete effectively and lead the market in the development of technology for heat treatment, the company's management decided to change the solutions that support management and service major business processes. One of the key objectives of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation is to drive the bottom line through digital transformation. At the top of the list of priorities are also: standardisation of products and the complete elimination of paper documents to become a truly digital company.

The implementation of the Dynamics 365 solution will initially cover nearly 500 employees in the areas of finance, cost management, supply chain management, transport, design and production, sales, warehousing and service management. The project also involves the modernisation, consolidation and transfer of the CRM solution (currently 200 users) to the cloud.

"Modern technologies are the foundation of the fourth industrial revolution in which we are taking an active part. They are necessary to actively compete in the market, create new offers for clients and optimise operations. Accordingly, adapting to trends early allows the business to determine the direction it should follow,"

emphasises Bartosz Klinowski, Member of the SECO/WARWICK SA Management Board.

In addition to implementing the Dynamics 365 system, SECO/WARWICK also plans to use machine learning technology to anticipate and prevent potential failures of machines and equipment. Furthermore, the work of the service technicians will be carried out using the SECO/LENS augmented reality glasses, based on HoloLens technology, increasing the comfort and efficiency of work. At the same time, thanks to the use of the Microsoft Azure IoT platform, all operating parameters of production equipment and products installed onsite at clients will be constantly monitored.

"Industry already recognises the benefits of implementing state-of-the-art IT solutions. Integration of ERP management systems with Internet of Things solutions or augmented reality is the direction in which the industrial revolution is heading, and companies already decided upon this solution are setting the direction for the digital transformation of the entire sector,"

says Przemysław Szuder, Member of the Board, Microsoft.

The particular requirements of the implementation project required the management of SECO/WARWICK to devote great attention to the selection of the company which will lead the implementation in the group. The goal was to find a partner that had experience in implementing large international projects using the latest available technologies. The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in SECO/WARWICK required a technology partner able to not only implement the solution, but also integrate it with other technologies in the Microsoft ecosystem.

"The project required having a large implementation team with business experience to help in the reorganisation of the company's business processes. Specialists who understand this market. The SECO/WARWICK Management Board was looking for a partner who would guarantee the highest possible level of project security,"

says Michał Tekiela, CEO of ANEGIS, a Microsoft partner.

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