Repetitive manufacturing

Repetitive manufacturing

Industry overview

Repetitive manufacturers require flexible production scheduling in order to respond to changing market conditions. Volume is usually significant, so material needs to be flowed to the shop floor and timed to the production process. Business processes required in a repetitive environment will not be available out-of-the-box in most enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

A system should be agile and flexible, and must allow you to increase the efficiencies of your core competencies while supporting areas where your existing processes are working well. Legacy ERP systems just cannot keep pace with rapidly changing customer needs and market requirements.

Complexities abound in distribution; simply being able to move product cost effectively is not enough. An ERP system needs to address challenges in effective inventory control, changing regulations, and how to best leverage technology.

Estimate future demand

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning cloud service performs best-match model selection and offers key performance indicators for calculating forecast accuracy. Generate more accurate forecasts by using the machine learning techniques and tools to estimate future demand based on historical transactions.

Enhance global visibility

Manage your production floor with workspaces, task guides, and work instructions tailored for operators and supervisors, that can adapt to the display on any device, enhancing local productivity and global visibility with operational insights.

Manage inventory efficiently

Track items by inventory dimensions, including site, warehouse, pallet, location, batch, and serial number. Take advantage of multiple inventory control systems and inventory valuation methods. Lower inventory costs and improve turn-over with advanced inventory allocation.

Improve quality management

Improve business processes for quality assurance, quality control, and lot traceability. Manage the test process more effectively. Set aside items in quarantine using flexible quarantine orders.

ERP for repetitive manufacturers

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides repetitive manufacturers with a solution that is architected with flexibility and change in mind, and built with operational excellence at its core.

To meet customer demands, customer service representatives can proactively explore production, warehouse and transportation options. Global visibility of inventory, manufacturing and logistics, and a role tailored workspace can be accessed anywhere, on any device.

Manufacturers with complex distribution needs will benefit from a solution built to provide operations and logistics excellence while also offering 360-degree visibility and control throughout the entire supply chain.

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