ANEGIS introduces D365 Genius: simplifying access to Microsoft Dynamics 365 knowledge

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ANEGIS is excited to announce the launch of D365 Genius, a revolutionary application designed to simplify access to knowledge about Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Developed by the AI ANEGIS team under the leadership of Krzysztof Nogieć, Azure architect, D365 Genius leverages generative artificial intelligence to provide instant answers to queries related to Microsoft Dynamics 365. The application is based on the latest Microsoft documentation, ensuring users have access to up-to-date information on Dynamics 365 functionalities.

D365 Genius serves as a virtual compendium of knowledge about Microsoft Dynamics 365, employing user-friendly chat functionality powered by generative AI algorithms - similar to the mechanism underlying Chat GPT.

How D365 Genius works

  • Select a topic: Users choose one of three thematic areas related to Microsoft Dynamics 365: CRM, ERP for large enterprises, and ERP for small and medium enterprises.
  • Ask a question: Users pose their queries within the chosen topic.
  • Receive the best answer: D365 Genius provides the most relevant answer based on the current Microsoft documentation.

D365 Genius streamlines the process, saving users valuable time that would otherwise be spent navigating vast Microsoft sources for information. The application's database comprises official Microsoft documentation, continuously updated and enriched with expertise from ANEGIS, ensuring users receive the latest insights into the system's functionalities.

No limits, no costs

D365 Genius is accessible to everyone, free of charge and without limitations. Users can enjoy the benefits without the need for an account, making knowledge about Microsoft Dynamics 365 quick and hassle-free. The application is entirely free and requires no special software installation.

For more information about D365 Genius and to experience the future of Dynamics 365 knowledge accessibility, visit the D365 Genius website.

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