New Yorker

New Yorker

Company description

With more than 1000 branches in 40 countries, New Yorker is one of Europe's largest fashion companies. Since the opening of the first store in Flensburg in northern Germany in 1971, New Yorker has been on a continuous growth course.

Project summary

This Microsoft Dynamics AX project has involved several functions within New Yorker. For price management it required the development of a 'price engine' to manage the changes and storage of prices across countries and stores within New Yorker. Price changes are interfaced to a legacy application for transmission to stores. A data migration component was also built to pull pricing information from the legacy application into Dynamics AX. For logistics, a custom warehousing procedure has been developed, with the implementation, so far, of a system for goods receipts, managing the differences between the goods ordered and received. For POS, an export tool was developed and implemented, which transfers data from Dynamics AX into stores, along with the export logic for the location data group – part of the detachment from the legacy process. Finance support tasks were also carried out.

Our go-live was successful! Thank you to all of you. Let me repeat that I am really thankful!
Dr. Rick Dannert
Project Manager, New Yorker

Project tasks undertaken

  • Design review
  • Software development
  • Code package testing
  • Preparing solutions for optimisation
  • Preparation of reports to be generated in the system
  • Problem solving
  • Technical documentation (TDD)
  • User documentation
  • Performance optimisation

Other project features

  • Designed and built new functionality
  • Developed a data migration tool, to import a very large volume of data into Dynamics AX from the legacy application
  • Built a comparison engine to compare prices between AX and the legacy application
  • Optimisation of the performance of existing functions and forms in the Fashion Logistics and Fashion Retail module
  • Current service and changes in case of production errors
  • Developing automation logic and improvements for bank statements import
  • Sales declaration reports for Ukraine
  • Redesigned carton labels for warehouse
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