Warehouse management system

Warehouse management system

Solution overview

In a rapidly evolving market, distributors have to implement ever more advanced management solutions to cope with customer demands for lower prices, shorter delivery times and accurate, real-time information.

Microsoft's WMS software streamlines and automates critical business processes from order capture to inventory replenishment. Embedded Power BI, the industry’s most advanced business intelligence solution, delivers real-time visibility across your entire operation and pre-emptive alerts to management and clients.

Dynamics 365 excels at integrating inventory, sales, purchasing, and financial information across multiple locations. Every business operation is enhanced with sophisticated machine learning and predictive intelligence tools to deliver the insights you need for precise decision making.

With Dynamics warehouse management system, your business can...

  • Use item and period allocation keys to allocate forecasts to individual items and time periods
  • Consolidate sales and purchase forecasts into one inventory forecast
  • Get an overview of current on-hand inventory per warehouse
  • Drill down to current on-hand situation by any item or storage dimension or combination of these
  • Set aside items in quarantine using quarantine orders, either manually or automatically when receiving items
  • Look up quarantine inventory at any stage in the quality control process
  • Specify different location and storage policies at both the warehouse level and the item level
  • Specify warehouse locations on five levels: warehouse, aisle, rack, shelf and bin
  • Stamp a single item or a group of items with a unique number for tracking
  • Maintain multiple barcodes per item
  • Determine the storage location based on rules regarding size, volume and height
  • Allocate storage based on priority of picking locations first and then buffer locations
  • Make items available on-hand in inventory immediately after posting of arrival journal
  • Have the option of either manual or automatic suggestion of arrival and output locations according to storage and item setup
  • Send out electronically advanced shipping notification (ASN) to the receiver
  • Derive output orders from sales order lines or production order lines
  • Generate output orders as requisitions to warehouse
  • Define shipments so that they result in the creation of optimised picking routes
  • Print pallet label, location label and bill of lading labels containing bar codes

Optimise inventory levels

To stay competitive, distributors need the ability to predict and respond to changes in end-customer demand.

Microsoft's warehouse management solution offers strong forecasting functionality that supports long-term planning and helps you optimise inventory levels, achieve faster turnaround times and precise order fulfilment. You can create sales and purchase forecasts based on items and time periods and use an unlimited number of forecast models to simulate various future scenarios. To quickly project cash flow, you can transfer item forecasts to the general ledger forecast.

Increase warehouse efficiency

Dynamics WMS system offers robust functionality to automate picking processes, optimise layout, eliminate blind spots and remove wasted steps.

Intelligent tools give you the flexibility to define your warehouse layout according to changing needs. Automatically identify optimal storage locations for items, based on the characteristics of items and warehouse zones. Automated picking processes determine the most logical sequence of picking locations, allowing you to optimise picking routes, speed up order fulfilment, and respond rapidly to unique customer demands.

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