Process manufacturing

Process manufacturing

Industry overview

Process manufacturers face constant pressure to improve operational performance. At the same time, greater flexibility is required to react quickly to volatile market demands. An enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform for process manufacturing has to take into account the real complexities faced by the industry.

Food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, paint, chemicals – whichever your industry, your ERP system needs to manage batch production that incorporates variable ingredients, scalable recipes and flexible routings. Your system should deliver insights that allow you to identify problems and opportunities within product lines, manufacturing processes, distribution networks and marketplaces.

Improve inventory management

Manage inventory with a flexible multi-site warehousing system with integrated bar code scanners. Implement tighter controls during production recording for a more reliable inventory. Assign quality control tests for incoming raw materials and allow in production only when appropriate quality control status is met.

Manage multiple formulas easily

Maintain multiple formula versions, archiving older versions while being able to easily elevate a version for production. Use security functions to limit who can view, alter and approve formulas and any number of company defined attribute values to search formulas. Manage formula cost with labour and overhead included as well as planned cost increases of raw materials, and see updated formula cost information in real time.

Record production information efficiently

Analyse batch yields by formula, process cell, date or user, and account for production of by-products as batch production is recorded. Schedule production batch material requirements to account for anticipated formula yield.

Plan more dynamically

View and change production schedule by day, week or month. Flexible material resource planning (MRP) allows you to dynamically create purchase and production orders driven by sales orders and forecasts, and to create purchase order requisitions from each MRPrun.

Simplify the compliance process

Use lot trace recall to track items in the system from purchase, through several layers of production to sales orders. Use a common template to streamline the process of maintaining and updating compliance documents, and easily create regulatory documents and safety data sheets.

ERP for process manufacturers

Microsoft’s unified ERP solutionsupports process manufacturers across a variety of industries by seamlessly integrating all transactions in manufacturing, inventory, warehousing, order management, customer service, and financial management.

ANEGIS offers industry focused solutions built on the Dynamics 365 platform that will enable you to bring your products to market more quickly and cost effectively. Delivering data in a centralised system allows total regulatory control while delivering every batch efficiently and within spec.

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, integrated with Dynamics CRM apps and Office 365 – deployed in the cloud or on-premises – harnesses machine learning to enable faster business processes and smarter decision making.

IoT for process manufacturers

IoT solutions allows process manufacturers to collect data from connected equipment, sensors and devices and combine it with data and intelligence from back-end systems.

Process manufacturing often depends on hundreds of variables that need to be taken into account for a repeatable perfect batch. IoT sensors deliver granular visibility that enables real-time process adjustments and optimisation, allowing process engineers to fine tune control practices for increased repeatability.

An IoT solutions can also optimise overall equipment effectiveness; benchmark and calculate the cost of production for devices, systems and production lines; monitor the energy profiles of machinery and systems; and trigger automatic alerts on operating parameters to initiate protective service responses.

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