Azure Kubernetes Service


Serverless and containerization is a common feature for active cloud users. These solutions have been developed in response to the search for more and more computational resources, increasing deployment security and reducing the cost of maintaining local infrastructure. What does a serverless architecture look like and what can be created in containers? We will discuss these topics during the webinar.

After traditional implementations on physical servers and implementations in virtual environments, it is time for containers. Why are they gaining popularity? Because it is faster and more flexible to create and install applications in them, easier than in virtual machines.

During the webinar Marcin Guz, ANEGIS team Azure solution architect, and Arkadiusz Strzeżek, cloud consultant at APN Promise, will talk about the container environment and its capabilities.

Participants in the webinar will find out:

  • What the Kubernetes platform is and how it differs from Docker.
  • How Kubernetes architecture looks.
  • How to build applications in Kubernetes using Azure Kubernetes Service.
  • How to use Azure Container Registry.
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