Intelligent monitoring of manufacturing processes using Azure cloud tools


Smart devices that monitor and control production processes are an element of the concept of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, enabling companies to closely supervise the flow of information about the current state of production, to predict machine failures, and to optimize the use of resources. How to capture data from IoT devices? How to analyze it and benefit from it? What can artificial intelligence from Microsoft Azure support in IoT monitoring? We will talk about this during the webinar.

Event monitoring across a network of IoT devices provides information that can be processed and used to improve production quality and eliminate downtime. Integrating the flow of information from multiple sensors and analyzing and interpreting it are not simple tasks. However, there are tools available on the Azure platform that have been developed for just such work.

During the webinar, Krzysztof Nogieć, Azure architect at ANEGIS, will show how to harness a network of distributed IoT devices, collect, process and visualize sensor data using various applications available in the Microsoft Azure cloud. He will also talk about predictive maintenance – catching disruptions in production processes and automatically responding to anomalies.

Participants in the webinar will find out:

  • What is IoT and how distributed devices of this type work.
  • What the concept of predictive maintenance is all about.
  • Which Azure services facilitate IoT device and data flow management.
  • How to visualize data streams from IoT devices in Azure and automate alerts.
  • Which Azure tools use AI algorithms to better monitor readings.
  • How to use Azure Computer Vision to improve product quality control.
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