Presenting the Azure platform and its possibilities


It has what businesses of the 21st century need. Computing resources, services, programs, applications. The Microsoft Azure cloud platform is the most dynamically developing Microsoft project. We know a lot about it and we will share this knowledge with the participants of this webinar dedicated to Azure.

In 2008, Ray Ozzie, the then Chief Software Architect at Microsoft, announced the launch of Windows Azure – the predecessor of Microsoft Azure. The bosses of the Redmond giant did not think that the cloud, in which they were taking their first steps, would become a key Microsoft project; nor that it would significantly affect thousands of companies around the world. Yet, Azure in Q2 2020 acquired a 20% share in the global cloud solutions market and remains at the forefront of cloud platforms.

For enterprises, Azure is a key element of digital transformation and a rich collection of solutions using the latest advances in the field of big data, AI and machine learning. What else is Azure? What services does Microsoft provide in its cloud? How do companies use the potential of Azure?

During the webinar these and other questions will be answered by Azure solution architects from the ANEGIS team – Marcin Guz and Krzysztof Nogieć.

Participants in the webinar will find out:

  • What role the cloud and Azure play in the fourth industrial revolution.
  • How to improve security with the help of Azure services.
  • How to optimise your company's costs with Azure.
  • What artificial intelligence can do in Azure solutions.
  • How to use the machine learning algorithms found in the Azure tools.
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