Azure Cognitive Services - text and speech processing


Systems, applications, and tools equipped with cognitive intelligence can learn, reason, and plan - just as human intelligence. Azure Cognitive Services, based on cognitive technology, use human rational processes to process data. In this webinar you will learn about these Cognitive Services.

Deloitte has analysed, in the TMT Predictions report, the capabilities of cognitive technology and the popularity of cognitive technology-based solutions, and concluded that by 2025, cognitive intelligence will improve 80% of business processes, globally. The cognitive services provided on the Azure platform lead the field. Azure Cognitive Services data processing is focussed on four areas: image, speech, language, and knowledge and search. During the webinar Krzysztof Nogieć, Azure solution architect from the ANEGIS team, will talk about the tools from the Azure Cognitive Services family that process text and speech.

Participants in the webinar will find out:

  • How Azure cognitive tools process and analyse text and natural speech.
  • What Azure Cognitive Services can be used for and what are the challenges.
  • How text and speech processing is used in real business scenarios.
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